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Is A WWE Heel Turn Coming For Daniel Bryan?

Daniel BryanBloggers all over the Internet including yours truly here have questioned about the strange booking of Daniel Bryan. Why is the WWE beating him after winning Money in the Bank? A new story on the WWE website suggests that it may be part of a bigger angle. has an exclusive video interview with Daniel Bryan. Bryan is interviewed immediately after his match with Sin Cara from Friday Night SmackDown. Bryan goes off on Sin Cara in the video and questions whether they were both in on his controversial loss. The interviewer than asks Bryan if he is cursed since winning Money in the Bank where a frustrated Bryan goes off and says that the WWE hasn’t lived up to their word. He also says that he will live up to his and not cash in before WrestleMania 28.

[adinserter block=”2″]There are a couple of things at play here. First off, I think this whole post-match interview is an idea they should bring to television. I love it. Second, while there wasn’t an outright suggestion at a heel turn this could surely be the start of one. If Bryan would cash in before WrestleMania and win, it would likely send the heel turn into full gear. However, as long as SmackDown has a heel champion I don’t see it coming unless the idea would be a double turn with Mark Henry.

One thing I like about this is the fact that the WWE is acknowledging Bryan’s streak. Maybe there really is something more at play here than just inept booking? Well, you’d like to think so but unless he turns heel and goes on a winning streak which includes the title, it is still inept booking in my opinion. I have no problem with beating someone as long as it is part of an angle. It gives them a character and if it results in “No more Mr. Nice Guy” for the American Dragon than I am all in.

The only problem I have with this is that it is angle being booked strictly on The interview wasn’t on television nor was it even posted to You Tube at the time of this writing. While the WWE gets sizable traffic to, it is probably the least visible medium they have. Only a small percentage of fans will see this while the others will just continue to see Bryan as an overrated loser.

I can’t remember anyone ever winning Money in the Bank and being booked this badly going into their championship matches. As I have stated before, I almost have the feeling that this is some kind of wacky self-fulfilling prophecy from the WWE creative team. Let’s face it. There is certainly a bias when it comes to guys like Bryan, the Hardys, Zack Ryder, and CM Punk who have big followings on the Internet outside of the WWE. I certainly wouldn’t past them to beat Bryan, send him into WrestleMania, see him flop, and then come back and give us the “I told you so.”

[adinserter block=”1″]I do think that Bryan would make an awesome heel. I think he could turn into one of those kinds of heels that just tortures or stretches babyfaces with his unique submissions, refusing to break holds, etc. I think he needs to work on the aggressive heel interview a bit, but otherwise there is some nice potential there from the former ROH champion.

I am still hoping that Bryan is wrestling in one of the main-events at WrestleMania 28. He is one of the few guys in the WWE that is guaranteed to deliver as advertised in the big spot. Unfortunately you’d never know it with the way he has been booked since July.

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  1. Seriously, I think the people getting paid to produce the show know that Bryan is a dud. That's why he's not getting mic time. Perhaps if he proves himself to be more than a really, really good potential coach on Tough Enough or something, then I'll back down. Until then, he's the downtime filler to bridge the gap between the Divas action and whatever Henry/Christian/Orton/Sheamus are doing.

      • Point taken, Cole, but I write editorials about something so trivial like wresting, a stance that commands the material to be more scathing to get read/cared about/pageviews. I could write about how awesome The Miz is (and he is), but that's Snores-ville, ya know what I mean?

        I also take it that you're one of those people emotionally invested in Daniel Bryan. Probably because you saw him once at a show that wasn't WWE and have a masturbatory inclination to root for him, no matter the circumstance. Well, I hate to break it to you, but the guy isn't adapting at all. He has zero personality, is undersized, and has no flashy dynamics to his appearance, skillset, or overall aura. The WWE doesn't care for that kind of mediocre anymore.

        Now, is he a better wrestler than, say, John Morrison? Sure. Entertainer? Not by a long shot. Morrison may be just a gloried athlete with impeccable looks, but his Starship Pain and other stunts command the casual audience. Bryan? He just screams really loud with his knee out until it hits something. Then loses.

        • Ok, a few problems with what you said.

          A) Morrison isn't entertaining to me. Whatsoever.

          B) Bryan has more personality than him, and a lot of other people.

          C) He screams and kicks? In the WWE, where EVERYONE keeps to a few moves. Morrison, Punk, EVERYONE does the same moves in EVERY match.


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