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iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max Release Date Rumors, Specs, Price, And Leaks

Within a year of the release of the iPhone 13, Apple is likely to unveil the iPhone 14 in September of the current year. Of course, there won’t just be a single iPhone 14; as usual, there will be two regular versions as well as two higher-end Pro versions in the lineup. Rumors have it, anyway. Because so many reputable, historically-proven sources all state the same thing, it’s safe to take their word for it.

Here’s everything we know about it.

When will the iPhone 14 be released?

The iPhone 13 was formally announced by Apple in September, and we’re still a long way from the arrival of the next-generation iPhone 14.

Aside from the year 2020, when the pandemic disrupted production, iPhone launches have historically taken place in September. As a result, we may anticipate the iPhone 14 series to be introduced in September 2022.

How much will the iPhone 14 cost?

Price forecasts can’t be made now since it’s too early. However, even if processor shortages become common in 2022 and drive up Apple’s component costs, this year’s iPhone 13 series will remain competitive. Even though this doesn’t definitely imply we can anticipate the same from this year’s versions, it is a positive indicator that Apple is striving to keep the iPhone’s existing cost in place.

You can, however, take this as a reference.

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – £1,099/$1,099
  • iPhone 13 Pro – £999/$999
  • iPhone 13 – £799/$799
  • iPhone 13 Mini – £699/$699
  • iPhone 11 – £599/$599
  • iPhone XR – £499/$499
  • iPhone SE – £399/$399

No more Face ID notch

It wasn’t until March 2021, when Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo predicted the iPhone 14’s launch date, that it was alluded to as the 2022 iPhone, not the 14 itself.

The analyst speculated in a letter to clients that the Face ID sensor might be moved out of the notch on some iPhone 14 versions. Even if Apple reduced the component by 20 percent on the iPhone 13, it seems that the company isn’t done yet with it.

The front-facing lens will have a “punch-hole” opening in the Pro versions, but they will retain full Face ID capabilities, as per Kuo, giving users a nearly full-screen watching experience. A second prediction was made in late September 2021, claiming that the Pro versions will have a hole punch lens instead of a notch.

A New A16 Chip

This year, Apple may vary from regular operating practice by not including an upgraded A-series processor in the new iPhones. Just the iPhone 14 Pro versions, as per Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo, would be equipped with the speedier A16 processor.

In 2022, Kuo predicts that the ordinary iPhone 14 versions will proceed to employ the A15 Bionic seen in the iPhone 13 variants, making a considerable distinction among the Pro as well as non-Pro smartphones.

TSMC’s “NP4” technology, which the firm describes as the third significant improvement in the 5-nanometer series, is apparently being used to build the A16 processor for the iPhone 14 Pro versions.

The first eSIM-only iPhone

Admit this or not, the iPhone XS, as well as XR, launched eSIM earlier in 2018, and since then, every iPhone has had the technology. The uninitiated may not know what they’re missing; it’s basically a virtual SIM card that can be used to purchase a plan without the use of a real SIM card and is compatible with around 100 carriers worldwide. However, rumors say that an eSIM-only iPhone, which has only been available as an alternative plus up until now, might be the only option this year.

MacRumors claims that Apple has urged US operators to prep for the debut of an eSIM-only phone by Sept 2022, which suggests that at least one version of iPhone 14 might be without the usual nano-SIM tray. Even while it’s probable, experts don’t think there will be a full transition. You may still be able to get your hands on the iPhone 14’s eSim-only version via Apple’s own online store and from providers who wish to accept it, so don’t get rid of your nano-SIM chips quite yet!



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