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Instagram Is Ditching Standalone IGTV App, Here’s Why

As Instagram recently revealed, it would no longer maintain the standalone IGTV app, opting rather retain all video content inside the standard Instagram app instead. When Instagram announced that it was shutting down its YouTube rival, it marked the end of an era for a one-time experiment in video.

Instagram writes in a blog post that it’s ditching standalone IGTV application to discover and find video more easily and to reach more broad audience. To make it easier for users to upload films, Instagram says it is working on a standard method to share various kinds of videos, which it plans to include in the main app (including Reels, and video posts.

“A fresh ad interface on Instagram, which would let artists earn cash from advertising placed on their reels, will be tested later this year,” the firm said in a statement.

Instagram’s Rivalry With YouTube And TikTok

To compete with YouTube’s long-form vertical clips, Instagram launched the IGTV separate application in 2018. It wasn’t long before videos from IGTV were prominently featured inside Instagram’s main app, with films appearing on the news feed and previews appearing in stories as well as on Explore Page.

Instagram stated late last year that the company was rebranding IGTV as “Instagram TV,” so that the hour-long duration restriction on IGTV clips will be rolled out to ordinary videos referring to the fact that relatively few people were using it.

Despite the rise of TikTok, Instagram has been working hard to maintain its relevance in the face of increasing competition. As part of the Reels Play bonus system, content creators may now seize up to $10,000 by producing short clips popularly known as “Reels.”

Even though the IGTV app and the In-Stream adverts that appeared in films longer than a minute are being phased out, the company has made it quite apparent that it still plans to prioritize video content. “Continuing our video investment on Instagram,” which is the headline of the blog post confirming IGTV’s demise, is a reference to Instagram’s recent announcement that it’s no longer only a picture-sharing app but a general entertainment platform.

There have been several additional video features introduced to the image-sharing app since then, including a $35,000 incentive for posting Reels (although the majority of the features are inspired by another popular app, TikTok.)

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