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Insider Tip: Tom Brady Might be Returning to the NFL

NFL insider gives odds on Tom Brady making a comeback

Tom Brady finally decided to hang up his boots and retired from the NFL after 22 great seasons on the 1st of Feb (2022). Brady quoted age, personal life, and business aspirations to be the reasons behind the player calling it quits.

However, there were other calls too as some people thought that Brady’s tensions with Bruce Arians were also a major reason for him quitting the game. However, the Superstar has toyed with the press when asked about a potential return to the NFL.

Many Superstars down the line have returned to play for another 1-2 years after retirement and Brady could be set to join that list.

NBC NFL Sportswriter Peter King believes that Brady will be back.

Peter King believes that Tom Brady will be back 

Tom Brady has been repeated hassled by reporters on whether he will return as a player. The player has maintained the status quo that he is happy in his retirement but it looks like that is just a part of the build-up.

King appeared on Pro football talk with Mike Florio and said that there was a 42% chance Brady will unretire (which is an oddly specific number, by the way). King didn’t say this season, but that was the implication.

And King did not reject the notion floated by Florio that Brady isn’t really retired, as if he’s just retired from Tampa Bay and is waiting out his future.

I think, by the way, I will not be surprised if Tom Brady, sometime in the next year or two, says he wants to play football again. Educated hunch. Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arian’s share’s a similar opinion.

“That door is never closed. Whenever Tom wants to come back, he’s back. If Tom wants to come back, we’ll have plenty of money for him,” Arians said, according to reports from ESPN.

However, Mike Florio believes that King would rather prefer to go back to the 49ers, the place where he began his journey towards greatness.

Mike Florio believes Brady will make his return with the 49ers 

When it’s a hot topic like Brady’s comeback everyone likes to get in on the take. Mike Florio was on the Pro football talk show and shared his opinions on the situation.

“My guess? He’s playing. And not for the Buccaneers. I still think he’s heading to the 49ers, the team for which he grew up rooting — and the team for which he wanted to play two years ago.

It’s possibly no coincidence that he’s pointing so prominently to the fact that he recently slept in the bed in the house where he grew up, undoubtedly spending many a night falling asleep while thinking about whether his 49ers would win another Super Bowl.

It was very surprising for fans to see Brady quit right after his best performance in a Superbowl which is why everyone believes that the star will still grace the game for one last time.



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