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Inside The Wheelhouse: WWE – Please Do Not Make Kane a Transition Champion

kaneNot many people remember Kane’s last WWE World Championship run and no wrestling fans I’m talking about his run as the ECW Champion. Kane’s last World Championship run was overshadowed by one of the greatest bumps of all-time (Mick Foley off the hell in the cell), at one of the best PPVs in the late-90’s (King of The Ring) and against the greatest wrestler of all-time (Stone Cold Steve Austin). Not many people remember the title run because it last all but of ONE DAY.

That’s right Kane, who has been a veteran in the WWE for about sixteen years now (yes kayfabers I’m also counting Issac Yankam & the fake Diesel in this run) and had only held a World Heavyweight Championship for a total of 24 hours! Talk about being a good solider for the company and walking the company line for over 15 years! Kane had entered the WWE as a monster, was referred to as a sideshow act for a good amount of time and now finally is getting the opportunity to run with the ball on the Smackdown brand.

When Kane came out in June and cut a great promo that his brother The Undertaker was in a “vegetative state” many wrestling fans including this one typing this very blog, let out a huge groan. Fact of the matter is we have seen The Undertaker/Kane song and dance off & on during various points in the last 13 years. The storyline was only very interesting in 1997-1998 when The Undertaker/Kane feud first started in the then-WWF. After that, including their feud during Wrestlemania 20, never really caught on with the wrestling fans.

[adinserter block=”1″]Both big men are very agile and great in the ring no doubt but another go around of a feud between these two is something many wrestling fans don’t want to see especially in a time in the WWE when we seem to be getting storylines that are fresh and new (i.e. Nexus). To have another go around between The Undertaker and Kane just doesn’t interest me as a wrestling fan. All signs point to this being the end result and anything that doesn’t end with Kane not being the one who put The Undertaker on the shelf (or in a vegetative state) will make me interested in the storyline. With the exception of the evolution of the Kane character in recent months, I have zero interest in Undertaker/Kane III.

When the WWE put the strap around the waist of “The Big Red Machine” at Money in the Bank last month many wrestling fans were overjoyed with Kane finally getting some respect from the creative team in the WWE. Lets not forget this is the same character that spoke with a voice box but suddenly could speak normally, we were told he couldn’t get it “up” (yes that) by X-Pac & former WWE Diva Tori, the Katie Vick storyline and becoming a comedic act at different points in his career. The WWE did everything they could to actually make Glen Jacobs himself lose his mind. But he stuck through it, was a good employee and was thankfully (and finally) rewarded.

After a couple days of being happy for “The Big Red Machine” to finally get his just due and last more then 24 hours with the World Heavyweight Championship, I suddenly realized where this possibly be could be heading towards. Could the creative team actually have Kane basically keep the title warm for The Undertaker when he returns to programming?

Word got out recently that The Undertaker would be returning at or soon after Summerslam in a couple of weeks as a regular in-ring performer. Most were figuring that his first match back would be at the WWE September PPV, Over the Limit. All signs point to probably Kane vs. The Undertaker at that very PPV with the chance of the World Heavyweight Championship being on the line.

[adinserter block=”2″]If that were to be the case then it would be pretty obvious that Kane’s 2nd World Heavyweight Championship run (sorry don’t count the ECW run) would be used as some sort of transition champion yet again. If that were to be the case then this current run as a character where Kane is getting over with the fans for not only his in-ring work and his mic work as well, would be marred as nothing more as a stepping stone to re-introduce The Undertaker into storylines. The Undertaker does not need a World Heavyweight Championship to be welcomed back by the fans, Kane NEEDS the World Heavyweight Championship to be viewed as a powerful heel, something that the Smackdown brand is currently in need of.

This whole Undertaker/Kane scenario for the World Heavyweight Championship may not be played out, it could turn out that The Undertaker costs Kane the Championship at Summerslam, if that too is the case then Kane as a transition champion yet again, was a bad move by creative. Give the character a run to make things new and different on the Smackdown brand. While Kane has been in the WWE for the last thirteen years, his character getting a world title push has never happened. It’s fresh and new.

As much as I hate to say it, it would appear that this is where we are heading eventually. A long or decent World Title run just doesn’t fit into the landscape of the Kane character which is a damn shame if you think about it. Hopefully creative notices the type of reaction Kane has been receiving lately as the heel turn continues and they decide that they have something with his character right now. It’s new and it’s fresh, it’s something different. That’s what is making WWE look great right now the last couple of months.


Those are some of my thoughts on why Kane shouldn’t be a transition champion and I’d love to hear your thoughts when we discuss this topic on this week’s edition of The Still Real to Us Show. You can send us an e-mail at thestillrealtousshow@gmail.com and give us your thoughts on whether you agree with more or not! Then go ahead and download the show this Thursday July 22nd @ 8pm ET/5pm PT at www.wheelhouseradio.com or www.wrestlechat.net to find out if your pick made it to the air!

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