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John Cena vs. Randy Orton from WWE Tribute to the TroopsThe one show that I am most proud of as a wrestling fan was taped this past weekend. It’s the annual WWE Tribute to the Troops show that the WWE has been doing the last couple of years now. Its bigger then WrestleMania and more meaningful then any other storyline throughout the year. For the WWE to do what they do for the troops is one of the proudest things as a wrestling fan I look forward to each and every year.

No other sporting industry does what the WWE does for the troops. You don’t see the NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB going out to a base or even overseas, to perform for the troops. That is no knock on those other sporting companies, but it is sad that no venture has ever been made for one of those sports to hold some sort of exhibition for the great men & women that serve this country.

[adinserter block=”2″]For all that the crap the WWE gets from the fanbase and on the internet throughout the year, everyone agrees that what they do for the troops is just an amazing event. While they no longer go in the warzones, which is sad to see because it brings some Americana back to those great military personnel, it is still great to see that our troops get a show each and every year. When the WWE tells us they say it’s a bigger show than WrestleMania I believe them because the emotion they feel is greater then any event they face throughout the year.

Wrestling fans get a ton of crap from people because “it isn’t real” and you know “it’s fake” comments. The ignorance of people when it comes to one person’s joy of entertainment is mind boggling. To judge people for what they watch is wrong and yet it will always happen. With that being said, the greatest comeback for people who are that ignorant is the great show the WWE does for the troops every year.

The WWE puts on a memorable show for the people that make the ultimate sacrifice in protecting our freedoms. The same men & women that allow all of us to watch Monday Night RAW, Friday Night SmackDown, TNA iMPACT!, ROH on HDNet and various Pay Per Views all year long. While we get to enjoy these freedoms there are times where people tend to forget the sacrifices others are making for us to enjoy our entertainment.

While we get over 100+ shows of wrestling a year, they get one show dedicated to them. A show that is an appreciation of thanks for everything they do a show of appreciation where the people of the United States give to the men & women of our armed forces. It’s a show where the spotlight for one day a year, is moved off the wrestlers and onto the crowd surrounding them.

Yes the tradition of the Tribute to the Troops show has changed since it is no longer in the warzone, but the meaning is still there and the troops still get honored with this show every year. They earned it and they most certainly deserve it. It’s a show where it’s a celebration of all they do for us during countless hours of the year.

[adinserter block=”1″]As a longtime wrestling fan there is no show that I look forward to or feel more rewarded to watch then the Tribute to the Troops show. It is greater then any PPV, Live Event or televised show and it’s great that the WWE does what they do for these great men & women. It is the show I am most proud of watching as a Wrestling fan.

When you watch the Tribute to the Troops show this year just take the time to reflect and remember all those who have made the greatest sacrifice to this great country and for you & I. When they go to battle they are not only doing it for this country but to make sure you & I can write blogs about wrestling and for you to read them. The simplest freedoms that we take for granted are defended every day.

Thank you to all the United States military personnel for all the hard work, time and effort they put into protecting this great country. I can not wait for the Tribute to the Troops show this year. It’s my favorite show to watch the entire year.

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  1. Agree with you that the WWE's efforts are amazing, however don't shortchange the NHL as they have brought Hockey and the Stanley Cup to Canadian troops in Afghanistan for several years now…including in 2007 when the Ottawa Senators owner brought 50k worth of hockey equipment for the troops


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