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Inside The Wheelhouse: NFL Wild Card Weekend Thoughts

Tramon Williams picks off Michael Vick on NFL Wild Card weekendNow that the First round of the NFL playoffs is in the books lets look back at NFL Wild Card weekend in the NFL!

– I guess a decent amount of people that follow football, including yours truly did not see the Seattle Seahawks defeating the New Orleans Saints this past Saturday. If you did you deserve some sort of Nobel prize cause that is pretty amazing.

– I’d like to apologize to the Seattle Seahawks for writing you off in my Wild Card preview blog.

– With that being said I actually think Seattle could put it to Chicago this weekend. Now that I said that Chicago will probably win by 50 and set some sort of playoff record.

[adinserter block=”2″]- Talk about a Super Bowl hangover for the defending World Champions eh? Sure they made the playoffs and did win 11 games in 2010-2011, but they never truly got on track. The magic from last year appeared to be left on the field in Miami. They will be an interesting team to watch next season.

– Man, how much fun was it to watch the Indianapolis Colts/New York Jets game on Saturday night? Granted it probably wasn’t fun for either teams fans…or their health, but what a great game for any Football fan watching!

– Jury is still out on Mark Sanchez and his abilities in the pocket. He made a lot of poor throws in the game and poor mistakes as well. But when it counted he made the big play with under a minute to go, had he not and the Jets lost, he would be torn to shreds by the NY media.

– Mark Sanchez is now 3-1 in his playoff career and making his 5th playoff start in just his 2nd season, not bad for the QB. Will be interesting to see how that takes place this Sunday.

– Why did Jim Caldwell call a timeout with less then a minute to go and the clock running on the Jets? Even Peyton Manning was mindboggled by the decision. Maybe if Caldwell didn’t make the call the Jets would have never made the play for the pass to Edwards to seal the deal.

– Please stop calling Nick Folk, a “Folk hero.” We get it, your not funny.

– How much fun is the New England Patriots/New York Jets game going to be? These two teams HATE one another which equals a great playoff matchup. For Football fans sake lets hope it’s a close one and NOT like the game they had on a Monday Night in New England a couple weeks ago.

– The Baltimore Ravens/Kansas City Chiefs game won the “boring game of the week award” out of all four games.

– What this game showed NFL fans was that the AFC West is truly a weak division and does not match to a tough division like the AFC North. Kansas City never really showed any fire in this game and the Baltimore defense looked extremely tough all day.

– The Baltimore Ravens every season appear to be one of the most dangerous teams in the playoffs and appear that way yet again. The game against Pittsburgh is just as highly anticipating as the other AFC game involving New England & New York. Seriously flip a coin between Baltimore or Pittsburgh because either one could be an AFC Championship Game team.

– The Green Bay Packers/Philadelphia Eagles game lived up to all of the hype this past Sunday night.

[adinserter block=”1″]- For Green Bay fans it was time to finally let go over the last 7 years and everything that happened during the now famous “4th & 26” play from 2004. It’s now Philly’s turn after the interception from Michael Vick.

– The Philadelphia Eagles have nothing to be ashamed of and if they re-sign Vick they will be poised to be NFC contenders next season. This was the first year this group was clicking with one another and they did tremendous, more time working together will only create more problems for other NFL teams.

– The Michael Vick interception to Tramon Williams also cemented Tom Brady’s bid to be NFL MVP this season.

– Green Bay, like Baltimore is one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL. Many people are starting to get on their bandwagon but they are hitting a huge speed bump in the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta is the best team in the NFC from the regular season and only lost one game at home, beat the Falcons in Atlanta will be tough for Green Bay.

– The Divisional Round games of the NFL are already getting me excited for this weekend’s games. Plenty of action and great matchups as teams continue to make the trek to the Super Bowl XLV! Check out my Divisional Round preview and predictions blog later this week at Camel Clutch Blog!

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