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Inside The Wheelhouse: NFL Week 2 Thoughts

Drew Brees and the Saints are 2-0 after two weeks.NFL Week 2 is in the books which means there is plenty of news & notes that I noticed throughout the week in the NFL for this week’s blog. For those keeping track at home, yes I did miss Week 1 because frankly I forgot to put together a blog. But from here on out I will be putting together a blog for Camel Clutch Blog about each week in the NFL.

First thing that jumped off the bat for me was how un-dominant the 2-0 defending World Champion New Orleans Saints are looking. They seem to be missing a step from the way they came out the gate last season. It could be because they have accomplished their goal of being World Champions or because there is now an even bigger target on their back being the defending World Champions. Either way they just don’t look like the NFC favorites I initially thought they would be.

They have barely defeated two under performing teams in the Minnesota Vikings & San Francisco 49ers so far this season and their offense is lacking the fire power it had in the Championship season. To make matters worse Reggie Bush is out for at least up to 6 weeks with a broken leg. Pierre Thomas will get a lot more reps in the New Orleans offense and I will be skeptical to see who the Saints move up the depth chart to fill in for Reggie Bush.

[adinserter block=”1″]The New Orleans Saints may not be the team to beat in the NFC South this season after all and may not be the NFC Champion favorites I originally saw them to be. The team I liked in the South last season, the Atlanta Falcons, might surprise everyone as the front runner in the NFC South should New Orleans continue to play like this. It will be great to watch the next three weeks or so if New Orleans still has “it.” For all that we know we may be looking at team that is just rusty and still as dominant as they were last season.

Staying in the NFC South and making me scratch my head after two weeks is the 2-0 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sure it’s just two weeks in the season and they have happened to win them both, but it’s typically a guarantee every season that I team that played horrible last year will be good next season. Some may say that’s what the New York Jets did last season.

Are the Bucs playoff bound? Well if the season ended today they would be. But thankfully there are 14 games left to be played on the Bucs schedule before we make Josh Freeman the darling of the NFL. It’s definitely worth noting and wondering what the heck is going on in Tampa Bay right now. They must be eating the right cereal or something there.

You can’t talk NFC football right now without discussing the horrific starts from NFC favorites the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys. These were two teams that Vegas had down as legit NFC/Super Bowl champion contenders and they both have started the season 0-2. It’s tough to pick which team is in more trouble right now because they are both evenly matched at playing horrible football right now.

While there is no real cause for concern for both teams just yet, as they can both easily turn around their season at any given moment, you have to feel the temperature rising in Minnesota and Dallas. Both teams had high hopes going into this season with a lot of talk about either one of these franchises adding a Super Bowl trophy to their trophy case. If someone wanted me to bet on Dallas & Minnesota both starting 0-2 on the season I would not believe them at all.

The AFC had some great moments as well in Week 2 as two teams (Jets and Bengals) who were heavily favored going into this season and started the season 0-1 got back on the winning track after defeating two divisional rivals.

[adinserter block=”2″]The newspaper headline New York Jets continue to show dominance against the New England Patriots at home as they defeated the Pats in Week 2 by two touchdowns. They even did it without defensive juggernaut Darrelle Revis playing in the backfield in the 2nd half of the game. The same 2nd half that saw the Patriots put up no touchdowns at all. Impressive for a defense that feels like they NEED Revis, something they may have to get used to in the next two weeks if the hamstring still bothers the All-Pro.

Cincy bounces back after a miserable Week 1 debacle of a loss to the New England Patriots by defeating the Baltimore Ravens. The victory not only re-cemented the Bengals as an AFC team to look out for but also but the Ravens in check as not being as dominant as everything (including yours truly) thought they would be. While you can count on the Ravens defense always, the Ravens offense just did not look dominant in the loss to the Bengals. Joe Flacco needs to prove to the NFL that he is an elite Quarterback in the NFL this season.

Finally looking at all the news & notes from Week 2 is another team that is surprising the heck out of me so far this season in the Pittsburgh Steelers. They continue to win without Big Ben and prove to the NFL that they are in-fact the same team that won the Super Bowl two seasons ago. They are in an extremely tough division in the AFC North with three of the four teams being legit AFC favorites and they need to show that they are still as dominant as they have always been.

Dennis Dixon is out at Quarterback and Bryon Leftwich is back in for the next two weeks before Roethlisberger returns to Pittsburgh. If the former Marshall Thundering Herd QB can continue to put the Steelers in their winning ways until Week 6 you will have to wonder if the Steelers may be the team to beat in the AFC. A 4-0 Steelers team without their starting quarterback is an amazing accomplishment.

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