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Inside The Wheelhouse: Michael Vick is an Eagle

Michael Vick When I originally was going to write this I was going to focus on the RAW Main Event picture right now but then news broke Thursday night that Mike Vick is on his way back to the NFL and a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

A move that most football fans did not think would get done this early in the season & maybe even at all. Vick needs to thank Tony Dungy and it would now appear; Donovan McNabb of all people to bring him back into the NFL & onto the Eagles.

(It will be interesting to hear what Eric has to say being such a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan on his thoughts of Vick coming to Philly.)

I personally think it’s a good public relations move for Vick going to Philly because Philadelphia fans really don’t care what you did or how you did it (sorry Eric); as long as you bring them a Championship and Vick has the talent to do that. The thing is… where & even when will Vick play?

This is McNabb’s team, even despite being benched mid-season last year in one game. He has taken the Philadelphia Eagles to the NFC Championship five times since he put on the Eagles #5 jersey after coming out of Syracuse University. He clearly has at least two years left in the tank (as his contact states) in Philadelphia. Does this mean Vick will be taking over after McNabb leaves?
These are the questions that are swirling in Philadelphia now that Vick has landed in Philly. McNabb pushes for Vick to be on the team; clearly showing true leadership because Vick plays the same position as him! McNabb wants the good for the team, give a human a second chance and obviously above all…win a Championship.

Vick will work out fine if McNabb goes down this season due to injury (which isn’t to far fetch since McNabb has been injured in almost every season he has played) or even in a “Wildcat Offense.” You can slot Vick as either another QB/RB or even WR. The guy is that talented.

I’m done with how Vick doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL, I was on that side at one time as well but he’s back now. There’s nothing we can do or protest about. He’s a player in the NFL, put it in the past and hope that this talented football player rises up from the ashes and becomes a better role model & community member in Philadelphia.

I can’t wait for Week 6 when Vick gets reinstated and see how this all turns out. The thing is now does this makes the Eagles a favorite in the NFC East and even a favorite for the NFC itself. I’m sure Eric hopes so. But time will literally tell.

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