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Inside The Wheelhouse – Is Adrian Peterson Really The #1 Overall Fantasy Football Pick

Adrian PetersonAs we quickly approach Week 1 in the NFL season we are also beginning to end all of our Fantasy Football drafts for the season. If you’ve completed some drafts already then most of you have seen Minnesota Vikings runningback Adrian Peterson go #1…if you haven’t then Adrian Peterson probably went #2. For the 2nd straight season Adrian Peterson is the top guy in most Fantasy Football drafts.

It’s because Adrian Peterson is “money,” he is the most explosive running back in the NFL. But to me there is new competition in that running back position that could possible dethrone the current “king” of the fantasy football “mountain.” And he is in the backfield in Atlanta, in an offense that is going to breakout this year in the NFC. Ladies and gentlemen meet Michael Turner.

[adinserter block=”1″]For years he was behind the former “top guy” in most Fantasy Football drafts, LaDainian Tomlinson in San Diego before he came to Atlanta. Those three years in San Diego allowed Michael Turner to watch one of the best in the game improve his craft even more with L.T., don’t think Turner didn’t take a bit of advice from Tomlinson when he was in San Diego. Case in point the very first game Michael “the burner” Turner had in Atlanta. He rushed for 220 yards on 22 carries with 2 touchdowns against the Detroit Lions. Yes, it was against the Detroit Lions but he set a franchise record…in his first game!

This season won’t be any different for Michael Turner as he prepares himself and the Atlanta Falcons for a breakout season. With Matt Ryan as your Quarterback, Roddy White at Wide Reciever and veteran Tony Gonzalez lining up at Tight End; you have an entirely explosive offense with an incredible amount of weapons for the sophomore Ryan (who I believe is a Top 5 QB in most drafts). Michael Turner out of all those offensive weapons is the player that will get you the most points come game day.

Now what about A.P.? This guy ran for over 1700 yards while taking Minnesota to the NFC Central Championship!

The reason why I am leering on selecting A.P. is simply because of his history of injuries dating all the way back to his time with the Oklahoma Sooners. In his Junior season (his last season in college) he broke his collar bone in early October and wouldn’t make it back on the field until the Fiesta Bowl in 2007 against Boise State. His injury is what made teams not draft him in the 2007 Draft as prior to the 2006 season A.P. was a sure thing #1 overall in the NFL draft had he stayed healthy.

[adinserter block=”2″]By breaking his collar bone and missing a good portion of his junior year he fell to #7 overall in Minnesota. Six other teams were not only foolish by not drafting A.P. but were also concerned with his potential injuries. Let’s not forget in that remarkable rookie season A.P. was shut down with ligament damage in his knee, while it only kept him out for a couple weeks it went back to his scouting report on being durable and an injury risk.

These same scouting reports you should keep on an eye as you draft or have already drafted this year. Yes Adrian Peterson is “money.” But if you’re concerned about injuries look at Michael Turner as your potential running back. The Atlanta Falcons are a favorite in the NFC this season.

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