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Inside The Wheelhouse: A main event waiting to happen

When I was deciding the topic for my first blog here on I had many topics I could cover as my “introduction” to the site and its readers. Should I write about the ongoing “Ric Flair wrestling again” news story that has dominated wrestling headlines this week? Or should I give my two cents on Ken Kennedy being released from World Wrestling Entertainment last week?

I was having writers…or I guess “blog block” going on with my first blog until I heard Jim Ross echo these words as the background noise of “Friday Night Smackdown” lay behind me.

“….is a Main Event waiting to happen.”

What a compliment to receive from one of, if not, the best Wrestling announcer of all-time. If he said it you know it meant something. The wrestler he was talking about is already a former World Champion, Intercontinental Champion Multiple Tag Team Champion and a Tough Enough (remember that show? I mean the MTV version not the stuff they did with Daniel Puder & The Miz.) Champion. The wrestler Jim Ross was referencing was “The Shaman of Sexy” John Morrison.

[adinserter block=”2″]He entered the WWE on the screen of MTV winning Tough Enough III in 2003, was Eric Bischoff’s Assistant when he was General Manager of RAW, was an “A-Lister” with one of the better tag teams of this decade MNM, became Intercontinental Champion, managed Kevin “K-Fed” Federline, was ECW Champion, formed another one of the better tag teams of the decade with The Miz and is now a face on probably the best wrestling television show with Friday Night Smackdown.

It’s easy to compare him to a young Shawn Michaels, the guy has the “look” and he is a heck of an athlete in the squared circle. You have to give Michael Hayes and the creative team on the Smackdown brand credit for putting him in a feud with another great pure wrestling athlete in Shelton Benjamin. I’m hoping that one day a Morrison/Benjamin match will at one time headline a Wrestlemania.

Morrison is just entering his 30s and is clearly on the brink of a potentially huge push in 2009. If he is a upper mid-carder come Wrestlemania 26 I will not be surprised at all and if that is followed up at Wrestlemania 27 as a main eventer don’t be surprised either. Morrison clearly has the in-ring abilities to give you a “big time” and even “show stopping” match time in and time out. As he further improves on the “stick” and begins to gain more confidence and charisma he will begin to reach the “Main Event” status he is being groomed to be. Hopefully he will be able to fill the shoes of an “icon.”

Like Jim Ross said…”John Morrison is a main event waiting to happen.”

Click here to see John Morrison win the ECW title on the WWE Vengeance 2007 DVD.

See Miz and Morrison wrestle the Colons on the WrestleMania 25 DVD by clicking here.

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