Inside The Wheelhouse: Can #4 do it?


Brett Favre and Aaron RodgersHow many times have we heard this over the last couple of years? Will this Sunday be Brett Favre‘s last hurrah on the big stage of the NFL? I’m done talking about whether or not Favre will be back next season; Favre will be back with the Vikings next year. The real question is will they be competitive?

It’s weird that I have heard no reporters discuss this as we prepare ourselves for this Sunday’s NFC Championship game in New Orleans. It’s like the yellow elephant in the room that no one wants to admit or discuss. But this Sunday when Favre takes the field in that purple #4 this could be the last time Brett Favre is playing with something on the line.

[adinserter block=”1″]Nobody knows how much longer the 40 year old gunslinger has left in the tank to keep this team competitive on his surgically repaired arm. I’ll be honest I am extremely surprised with how well Brett Favre has played this season. I am a Green Bay Packers fan watching our former hero play on of his best seasons at the age of 40. It’s not a tough pill to swallow because it was time for a changing of the guard in Green Bay and Rodgers is looking good, but that’s for a whole different time and story.

At the start of the season people questioned how long Favre would last and he has made all of us look foolish with his great play this year. But you have to question whether or not he can do it again next season. He broke down with the Jets last year at the age of 39 and eventually time & his age will catch up to him.

Favre knows that when he suits up this Sunday he is literally going to be playing with all the heart and fire he has because he knows this could be the last dance. A torn shoulder next season or an Adrian Peterson and/or a Jared Allen injury there and he could be done with making a run at the Super Bowl trophy. We’ve all seen what Favre can do when the pressure is against him, he loves it. When something as important as this is riding on the line he also seems to outshine the lights in the stadium.

[adinserter block=”2″]He returns to the field where he ran away with his helmet off, where he was nicknamed “the kid” and where he hoisted that Vince Lombardi trophy in Green Bay Packers green thirteen years ago. This Sunday’s NFC Championship game is going to be a special one. If it’s Brett Favre’s last dance on the big stage in front of the bright lights of the NFL it’s been a pleasure to watch him, if he is able to get the Vikings past the Saints, get ready for a Super Bowl parade in Minnesota.

As we all know when it comes to Brett Favre you never ever say never. Never count the guy out and never question his play because “the kid” is still inside “the man.” Despite the disappointment I felt as a Green Bay Packers fan with him turning his back on the franchise, I will be sitting down Sunday watching one of my childhood heroes hopefully come through with the W.

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