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Injury Bug Bites Philadelphia Flyers Again

Jeff Carter7During the Philadelphia Flyers vs. Atlanta Thrashers game on March 21, 2010 Jeff Carter was blocking a shot and took a puck to the side of his left foot. Carter stated, “It was a harmless play, kind of took one off the side. I went home last night and it started getting worse and worse. I got it checked this morning and here we are. “Coach Peter Laviolette stated, “No one likes to lose one of your best players.”

[adinserter block=”2″]General Manager Paul Holmgren added, “Jeff is a tough kid and when he is able to come back, he will. Obviously we are not going to put Jeff in a position to injure him further.” In seventy two games this season for the Flyers, Jeff Carter was the scoring and point leader on the team.With Jeff Carter out of the lineup, I hope to see Leino get a chance more often. I feel is the right thing since he has done very well for himself in the last two chances he had.These questions will get answered fast for the Flyers, regardless if they are ready to present the answers or not. I do agree with one thing though that was said by Chris Pronger, “Our playoffs start right now. ”

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 The Flyers faced off against the Ottawa Senators. This was a highly anticipated game for Flyers fans mainly due to the questions of what will happen with the injury to Jeff Carter. Claude Giroux was moved to the Center position with Daniel Briere on the wing with Scott Hartnell. I did not like this line at all. Scott Hartnell has shown nothing in recent months, let alone games. He does not deserve to be on a top line with anyone. He doesn’t even deserve the $4.2mil he makes for the year either. I would have loved to see Leino, Giroux, and Briere on a line with Hartnell dropped to the 3rd line with JVR and Powell. Once again, who am I folks? With that said, the Flyers came out with nothing to show for themselves. This was possibly the worse effort of the year for the team. Ottawa’s Chris Kelly scored 10:34 into the game to make it 1-0.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Flyers showed zero grit and no urgency through the game. They drew horrible penalties that killed their groove that should have been set for the game. In the 3rd period Daniel Alredsson scored to make it 2-0. At the time of the goal, Anton Volchenkov drilled Simon Gagne. Gagne then went after Volchenkov and drew a massive amount of penalties. Gagne was given a double minor for instigating with a visor, five for fighting and ten-minute misconduct, while Volchenkov was assessed a minor for roughing. Earlier in the game he also gave Dan Carcillo a very cheap elbow to the head that was not called. This was a game that the referees blew many calls, and made the league’s new rules that are being created for hits to the head laughable.

I hope the NHL reviews both plays because both were dangerous and I feel blatant. The Flyers lost the game, and remained in 6th place in the East, only a head by a point from 9th place. This is the exact spot the Flyers can’t afford to be in. I hope in time they get their stride knowing they will not have the fire power of Jeff Carter and get in the right direction. If not, it will be a long spring and summer for us Philly fans.

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