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Independent Pro Wrestler Tests Positive For HIV

Andre Davis is an Ohio pro wrestler with HIVIf you thought the story about Abdullah the Butcher allegedly passing Hepatitis C to other wrestlers was bad, meet Andre Davis. Davis is an Ohio area independent pro wrestler who is HIV positive. Davis has been wrestling bloody matches and many of his former opponents are currently undergoing tests.

The story broke when Andre Davis was charged with second-degree felonious assault today. Davis is alleged to have had unprotected relations with women that weren’t aware of his disease. The charge stems from one person in particular, but a report says that there may be more victims.

[adinserter block=”2″]The story gets scarier when it comes to Davis’ pro wrestling career. Davis, who wrestles as Andre Heart found out he was HIV positive in 2009 yet continued wrestling through 2010. Dave Meltzer reports that Davis was hired as a referee by the WWE. The WWE at some point withdrew their offer, likely because his tests came back HIV positive. Meltzer also reports that Davis was wrestling bloody matches during that time period. At least five area wrestlers are currently being tested.

Also in Meltzer’s report, “Area referee Brandon Tolle noted that at least five area wrestlers are being tested because they worked bloody matches with him, and Tolle refereed bloody matches with him.”

How ironic that this story comes just several weeks after a documentary accuses Abdullah the Butcher of carrying Hepatitis C and passing it to other wrestlers through matches. I received a lot of reaction to the story, most sickened if the allegations were true. Needless to say the pro wrestling world has to be in complete disarray with this story.

I think this is a big wakeup call for independent pro wrestlers. Quite honestly I am surprised that a story like this hasn’t been reported before. Here is the thing about independent pro wrestling, or should I say just about every wrestling company other than the WWE in America. These companies don’t test anyone, yet there are hundreds if not thousands of matches involving blood every year on the independent pro wrestling scene. At this point you would have to be a fool to get cut or allow your opponent to bleed in a wrestling match in 2011 without prior testing.

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[adinserter block=”1″]Hardcore pro wrestling grew big time on the indy wrestling scene when ECW closed in 2001. Independent promoters took the concept and bastardized it to the point where fans can watch a guy bleed buckets in 2011 and not think anything of it. It would be unfair to lump just independent pro wrestling companies. Blood has been a big part of pro wrestling for the last forty years. How many guys bled buckets throughout the 70s and early 80s on the territories that were never tested for any diseases? The fact that it took until 2011 for these kinds of stories to be reported is almost unfathomable.

I think it is time for independent pro wrestlers to wake up, band together, and refuse to participate in anymore of these bloodbaths. Some wrestling promoters will stop but most will continue as hardcore wrestling is still a viable product to a small crowd of wrestling fans. A $150 payday and the adoration of 350 people that won’t be around to pay your medical bills after the show is over isn’t worth the risks associated with such a match. The WWE does testing and unless the independent promoters or state athletic commissions start to do the same, it is time to put a moratorium on bloody hardcore pro wrestling matches.

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  3. I've been worried about my friends like the Necro Butcher, Toby Kline, Hellaware Assassin, and more for years! I warned them some sh*t like this was going to surface! Delaware Athletic Commision made it mandatory for blood test if there is any blood during a match! I def. like the rule!

  4. no way will blood in matches ever stop, – and the 150 for blood sounds right, if your bleeding for less your a f'n mark.

  5. Wait….how is wrestling in blood matches worse than having unprotected sex? He was knowingly exposing people to the disease, period. One is not better than the other.

    • Some need to get educated to the real facts of HIV, a harmless retrovirus which has never been found in anyone's blood. HIV has never been properly isolated according to the classic rules of virology. There isn't a test on the planet for the actual virus, only antobody tests and having antibodies used to be a good thing in life. One can no give antibodies than one can give a toothache to another, it's impossible! There is no study on the planet that proves HIV is sexually transmitted. For the real facts about AIDS, go to rethinking AIDS websites.

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