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mikepringle As a wrestling fan one of the many things I miss is the original ECW. It was a promotion that really gave wrestling talent a chance. It gave new talent the opportunity to grow and develop. Seasoned veterans brought credibility and acted as teachers. The one promotion that comes close to this now is ROH: Ring Of Honor.

What I like to talk about today is the Philadelphia Independent Film scene. I’m a part of and co-founder of Ikuzo Studios and Who Survives Productions. We are a unified production house in Philadelphia, PA. What we have observed is the Philly Film Territory may be in trouble. Many filmmakers want to end up in Hollywood. They make one movie and take off for the West Coast. There are some people who tough it out for many years.

After a few films they pack up and leave. At Ikuzo, even after three movies in distribution, we want to stay in Philadelphia. There is a lot of talent here that we’re building. Currently we have three television shows in production. They will be shot in Philadelphia and ninety percent of the principal cast will be from Philadelphia.

Whenever a major production comes to town most of the local talent will only get extra work. Ikuzo believes in giving everyone a turn at bat. We hope to gain sponsors and backers for our productions. Then we will become the ECW for actors. To speak to me directly you can contact me via my sites…

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Mike E. Pringle

WS/Ikuzo Studios

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