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Impress Your Teacher This Halloween

Mullins Lobster Baby Costume Are you going to wear a costume to school on Halloween day? If so, here is a way that you and a friend can impress your teacher. It might involve a little extra effort, but the time that you put into those two costumes will be time well spent.

First, one of you should dress like an eagle. Please do not try to steal the mascot suit out of the locker room at the stadium there in Philadelphia. Find or design an eagle-like “beak.” Staple a string or ribbon to that beak, so that one of you can wear it on your nose. See if you can find some type of headgear that contains feathers. Click here for a bird beak nose from Amazon.com.

The next costume could be a bit more difficult to assemble. The next costume calls for more feathers. The eagle costume needs to be paired with a condor costume. Look for a picture of a condor. Use that picture as a guide.

So, by now you are probably wondering why the combination of eagle and condor costume could impress your teacher. By wearing those two costumes, you and a friend are sure to gain an opportunity to share with your teacher some information about a certain prophecy. It is a prophecy that is familiar to the indigenous people who live in the rain forest.

According to that prophecy, the world has two types of people, those who are associated with the eagle and those who are associated with the condor. The eagle people love science and technology. The condor people love arts and poetry. The indigenous people of the rain forest consider themselves to be members of the latter group. They look at people from developed countries as those who are associated with the eagle.

The prophecy that has led this writer to suggest creation of a pair of bird costumes is one that predicts the coming together of the eagle and the condor. In other words, the indigenous people of the rain forest realize that they should plan to work with the people of more developed countries. According to their legend, this association was supposed to take place beginning in or around the year 2000.

If your teacher wants to know how you learned about that unusual prophecy, tell your teacher that details on the prophecy appeared in the book The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist. When you tell your teacher how you learned that rain forest prophecy, suggest that you were eager to learn more about money. Most young people are interested in money.

You do not have to tell your teacher the full story. The writer of this article won a copy of The Soul of Money in an online contest. She found the information in that book so valuable that she has chosen to share at least a part of the book with as many people as possible.

The above article was written by Sue Chehrenegar. After pursuing a career in biomedical research, Sue chose to become a freelance writer. Sue has written hundreds of online articles. She has her own blog at http://chehrenegar.blogspot.com.

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