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Is Roman Reigns’ Potential WWE Title Win Worth All This Drama?

Roman Reigns may be in a good place in WWE, but it does not mean he will be in that same position after the events of Survivor Series come Sunday night.

The former muscle of The Shield should relish in this opportunity – should he be picked to realize his dream of becoming the company champion – but it may not be the best thing for him in the long run. There are still too many questions about him, his ability to talk effectively, and most important to all champions, his balance with the fan base.

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Champions are supposed to have a certain look, be a bit better than their rivals and portray an image of invincibility. Reigns does that, but hearing him talk to the masses leaves me and all of you wondering how this guy can be the next big thing without more seasoning or a manager by his side. (Personally, I like the idea of Triple H as his advisor, much like Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair)

Vince McMahon has been hell bent on making sure Reigns is the man for the spot. Triple H may have the same feeling, but he wants Reigns to turn heel before he becomes the company figure head or immediately thereafter. If this is a power struggle of sorts, in the end Vince will win and Reigns will be cast as the next John Cena of WWE.

Nothing could be farther from reality.

Steve Carrier of All Wrestling News wrote a story earlier this week that portrays the decision on what to do with Reigns as a test of wills within the McMahon family. How it is played out Sunday night is yet to be determined.

It was reported earlier this week that WWE officials have discussed turning Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose heel in the near future. To add to the report, Triple H is very supportive of turning Reigns heel so he can be aligned with The Authority.

Vince McMahon, however, isn’t sold on the idea. He’s been very reluctant to turn Reigns heel and would prefer to make either Ambrose or Dolph Ziggler a lead villain with Sheamus joining forces with The Authority.

A Ziggler heel turn is just what he needs after numerous bad angles.

Fans may like the idea of Reigns heel turn or an Ambrose victory more than the slow, steady rise we all have witnessed with Reigns. Ratings for Raw are at an all-time low and the Survivor Series pay-per-view is somewhat of a dud in terms of star power. There hasn’t been a shocked development with the WWE World Title tournament and the only thing holding anyone’s interest in this event for Sunday is the reunion of Undertaker and Kane against the Wyatt Family.

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In other words, this could be an extremely bad Sunday night. Anything to shock the masses would be welcomed. The anticlimactic situation – due to Seth Rollins injury and a pay-per-view with John Cena – has me thinking no one will care what happens, only that the company needs to move on to TLC.

If Reigns does not win on Sunday and it is Kevin Owens who walks out of Atlanta with the title with Triple H by his side – we then have something to talk about. But for now, WWE and the fans are going through the motions of a lackluster event. Hopefully that will not be the case and someone can say to me, “I told you so.” Until then, I am not holding my breath about anything surprising me.

We all have waited eight months for Reigns to finally climb the mountain and become the man Vince wants him to be. For most of us, the wait had better be worth it.

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