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I would do anything for love but I won’t get buried – Inside The Wheelhouse

Melina and John MorrisonThey say behind every good man is an even better woman. That theory is most definitely correct when it comes to the “real world” but when it comes to the WWE there is nothing more far away from the truth then that statement.

The WWE has become a modern day “Saved by the Bell” with the way they handle real-life love scenarios. We have seen it in the past; currently see it in the present and I’m sure we will see it in the future. It’s sad when you really think about it because a wrestler’s career is deemed sometimes by the way their real-life girlfriend handles themselves while under WWE contract and shortly after they are released.

Before we step into our present day love fest let’s go back into time a little bit in the early 2000s. There was a wrestler the WWE was heavily pushing as its next big superstar by the name of Bobby Lashley. The WWE put the WWECW Championship on him, had him feud with Vince McMahon and be showcased in a Wrestlemania match that featured not only Vince McMahon but “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Donald Trump & the late Umaga. No doubt the WWE was making him into their next John Cena/Batista/Randy Orton star.

[adinserter block=”2″]And then Bobby Lashley got into a relationship and had a child with a now former WWE Diva Krystal Marshall.

Now Lashley didn’t leave the WWE just because Krystal was released right? Some believe he did but Lashley has come out and said that he wanted to pursue a MMA career. A career which for the most part has fell flat, but this career changing move came right around the same time that his love interest was released from the WWE.

Coincidence? I think not!

We can even dig deeper into our wrestling love fest by going back into 2000-2001 when Jerry Lawler abruptly left his longtime commentating chair in the WWE all because his now ex-wife Stacy “The Kat” Carter was being released. Lawler would go onto to divorce from Stacy Carter and shortly return to his commentating chair on Monday Night RAW. But he left a job many would deem a “dream job” all because of love…

Now we look at our modern day love scenarios and see similar instances where who we are in-love with or sometimes, married to, effects the way someone’s progress in the WWE goes. Take for instance, Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre was deemed by Vince McMahon, on TV mind you, as “The Chosen One.” He was primed to be a top star and a future World Champion. He was even penciled in at one Wrestlemania to win “Money in the Bank,” a match that usually signs, seals & delivers a World Championship reign to whomever wins the match.

McIntyre would go onto to marry (in real-life by the way, not one of those “rasslin’ weddings”) now former WWE Diva Tiffany. It was a match made in booking heaven…right?


Tiffany would go onto to be released from the WWE shortly after getting married due to an outside incident at a hotel that involved the former Intercontinental Champion a.k.a. her husband. She would be released and Drew McIntyre is still paying for the sins of his current wife in the wrestling ring. McIntyre hasn’t been in any type of storyline (unless you count The Big Show dropping him off the stage on Monday Night RAW) in almost a year on WWE television.

Imagine where Drew McIntyre would be if his wife and now former WWE Diva didn’t get him in any type of trouble with the office. He very well could be where guys like Alberto Del Rio are as a former World Champion and in feuds of importance. Sad to see a talented wrestler is held back all because of who he marries in life, but so it goes I suppose.

And then there is John Morrison. Ah yes, good ol’ John Morrison. A guy I have writing about for the last 2 ½ years on the CCB would be a future World Champion.

You would be destined to believe that to be true as well. Jim Ross coined him as a “main event waiting to happen,” he receiving pushes up the storyline ladder and becoming a featured face on the RAW brand. Everything was looking good for Morrison until his now ex-girlfriend Melina was released from the WWE. Then all hell broke loose and Morrison fell deep down the ladder.

It wasn’t like Melina went out on good terms either. She was tweeting incoherently, was at WWE events the weekend she was released and was even rumored to be pitching her entering the ring as a “shoot” to fellow divas. Things were not good in Melina land and they affected John Morrison’s world.

Morrison was being jobbed out to anyone and everything. I’m pretty sure a muppet beat him the night they hosted. He was no longer a top face and was looking more like he was being forced out of the company thanks to his alliance to his girlfriend of all things.

Sure love makes us do crazy things and Morrison was very outspoken about his girlfriend’s release which led to the entire decline down the WWE’s hierarchy. But it appeared that once word got out that Melina and John Morrison might have broken up did things start to change for JoMo.

[adinserter block=”1″]So let this be a lesson to all you wrestlers out there, stand behind your woman…until she loses her job.

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