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Why can’t the WWE give us what we want? Why can’t the WWE poll its fans and find out what would bring them back to the arenas, back to Monday nights, and more importantly, what would get them to pay $9.99 for the WWE Network?

[adinserter block=”1″]If the company would just ask a few questions and listen to its audience, it may enjoy a bigger and better 2015.

Do we really want Brock Lesnar to carry the strap for the company if his ass cannot show up each week to promote and defend it on a regular basis? The company has become the status quo of predictability and complacency. Unless it is a match involving Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins or Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler we have been swallowed up by the WWE norm. The fact Lesnar could hold the belt until WrestleMania as some have suggested on other websites tell us a few things about the state of the WWE.

First, it means there is no real contender for Lesnar and any opposition (which I think is unfair) would be an unfair representation of the “reality” of the product. Cesaro is a perfect opponent for “The Beast” and Dean Ambrose, although undersized, would give about as good a performance, if not better, as CM Punk did before.

Second, injuries have really hurt the company on television, on pay-per-view, and in the wallet. While cable buys were shrinking and WWE Network buys have been poor, the fact CM Punk is no longer with the company and injuries to superstars like Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns have been catastrophic.

Third, the company really does not want to have to rely on John Cena to save the product anymore. I will give the creative team credit for trying to put together new characters and new angles as lead storylines. Bryan, Ambrose, Rollins and Wyatt all can lead this company. But can other wrestlers who have been with the WWE longer than most follow the new beat of a new generation of talent.

Fourth, the WWE is hoping Roman Reigns will come back better than before. His injury was the biggest blow to the WWE since John Cena tore his triceps, which led to Ryback and CM Punk battling for the WWE Title. Reigns is the future, he will win the Royal Rumble and we can start the chants for the new generation of wrestling champion.

The fans want what the fans want. They have bene clamoring for a new guard, a new style and new direction. They have been teased with the likes of Ahmed Johnson, Ryback and Wade Barrett. Three wrestlers who looked the part, but never were able to follow through. The company has had the likes of Curtis Axel, Ted DiBiasie Jr and Cody Rhodes – but these descendants of greatness could not go at it alone and reverted to tag teams to make a name for themselves.

The WWE is not fan friendly when it comes to divas and championships history. While it should push to make the Intercontinental Championship as important as Pat Patterson honored it, the decision to allow Ziggler wrestle matches and not put the belt on the line each week is purely a joke. If you want to talk semantics, Sheamus holding the United States Title is just as awful.

[adinserter block=”2″]If the WWE can get out of its own way, it could be a better product in the last two months of the year and the beginning of 2015. The Royal Rumble will potentially feature Reigns, which would be the biggest known secret in regard to planning. But the need to remove the strap from Lesnar would make a four month tease so worth it.

It’s time for more change, WWE. Rollins, Ziggler, Wyatt, Cesaro and Ambrose are part of it. It just means the rest of the roster must get behind it. If the company can see the road in front of it and listen to what the fans want, 2015 will be better. Unfortunately that might be a little too much to ask.

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