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I Am Legend 2 In Pipeline Starring Will Smith And Michael B Jordan

Warner Bros. has confirmed that Will Smith as well as Michael B. Jordan would return for I Am Legend 2, which will be produced by the same studio. As a talented researcher, Robert Neville (played by Will Smith in the initial 2007 film) escapes a disease that morphs mankind into vampires.

Almost a decade earlier, Warner Bros. had massive success with the film, which earned $585 million in total. This prompted the company to consider filming a sequel, even though the previous conclusion of I Am Legend involved Will Smith’s protagonist seeming to die.

Discussions of a successor to I Am Legend have indeed been ongoing since 2008, but then in 2014, the gate seemed to be shut. Rather, Warner Bros. revealed that they were embarking on a reimagining of Richard Matheson’s book. Ever since there has been no progress on the potential I Am Legend film, but that changed in recent years when Warner Bros. was found to be producing a new chapter in the series. As far as we knew, this new picture will either be a remake or an installment in the franchise that began in 2007.

We now know that Will Smith would reprise his role as the scientist in the sequel. As reported by Bloomberg, Smith will return to produce as well as act in the long-awaited movie, which would also feature and include Michael B. Jordan, who previously appeared in films like Black Panther and Creed 2.

In this film, Will Smith as well as Michael B. Jordan would collaborate for the very first time. The I Am Legend 2 screenplay is being written by Akiva Goldsman, but no plot information has been released. No filmmaker or launch date has been confirmed at this time.

I Am Legend 2’s production status is unknown, hence there is considerable uncertainty as to when the film would be released. But the genesis of the movie and Smith’s participation in it is a shock. While I Am Legend’s finale appears to show Neville killing himself and a bunch of creatures by throwing a grenade, the movie may change this.

Filmmaker Francis Lawrence had a different denouement in mind, one where Will Smith’s role survives and leaves Nyc to pursue his research towards a treatment for the disease. For now, it is unclear if I Am Legend 2 will make that potential conclusion official or find a new way to welcome the character back.

I Am Legend 2 still has a long way to go, but the possibility of watching Will Smith alongside Michael B. Jordan together on the big stage is thrilling within itself. Additionally, it will re-visit this planet over a decade following the events of the first film, which might also enable the movie to reveal whatever transpired to the infection and the Darkseekers.

Even Akiva Goldsman’s prior sequel concepts, such as replicating Neville to bring Smith back, might be revisited in I Am Legend 2. Anyway, I’m hoping to hear very much about the plot of this sequel shortly.



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