Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior Offered $100,000 To Face Off

Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior Offered $100,000 To Face OffThe Ultimate Warrior has spent the last month “exposing” Hulk Hogan through a series of You Tube videos. The Warrior has had a lot to say about the Hulkster, but would he say it to his face? One pro wrestling promoter is asking that same question and has put up six figures to find out.

We have all seen of the Ultimate Warrior’s videos and read the reports about the Warrior’s “shoot interview” series, produced by himself that he posted on You Tube. This 55-minute series was posted specifically to “expose” his former WrestleMania VI opponent Hulk Hogan. The accusations range from the funny to the offensive as the Warrior takes shots at Hogan’s hair, Hogan’s family, Hogan’s relationship with Randy Savage, and more.

Hulk Hogan has offered very little response to the accusations. Hogan told at one point that he was going to seek legal action against the Warrior. That hasn’t happened yet and I don’t think it will happen. Hogan has brushed off the Warrior’s accusations. Hogan just recently tweeted about it less than 24 hours ago when a fan asked him about it.

@ChuckTaylor925 feel sorry for him,his angle is already out of gas,even the dirt sheets r over him.I just pray for his wife and daughter HH@HulkHogan4Real

Well, the stakes have now been raised! “The Big Cheese” Sal Corrente who promotes pro wrestling conventions and independent shows has offered Hogan and Warrior $100,000 to appear together side by side and face off in an interview segment hosted by the great Bill Apter and the fans.

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I expect 2012 to be a very exciting year for WrestleReunion and its fans. We are back to running 3 events a year and have some fabulous plans for 2012. As always we keep our eyes and ears open to what is going on in the industry. So WrestleReunion in conjunction with its lead vendor want to make a standing offer for any of our 2012 conventions to the Warrior and Hulk Hogan. We are offering $100,000.00 to split between the two of them to come to any of our conventions and sign autographs and have a one on one face off interview in front of the fans hosted by Bill Apter.

Neither the Warrior or Hogan has commented yet on the offer. Personally and I like Sal, but I think this is just cheap publicity. Sal knows that both of these guys won’t take him up on his offer, so what the heck, throw it out there and get some publicity for your convention. It is smart but I question how genuine the offer really is or even if he has $100,000 to begin with. Maybe he does, but I have no idea.

Do I think that either one of these guys would jump on this? $50,000 is a lot of money, even to these guys. Five years ago I would say that he wouldn’t have a prayer of getting Hogan, but the Hulkster just did a rare independent wrestling appearance. The Warrior is a pretty reclusive guy but I can’t imagine anyone is paying him that kind of money to do anything other than wrestle. My hunch is that the Warrior will accept, knowing Hogan won’t, thus continuing to stretch this little bit of publicity he has gotten from his attacks on Hogan.

Throw another $400,000 in there and we may have ourselves one heck of a face off at WrestleReunion!

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