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Hulk Hogan Signs With TNA Wrestling

Hulk Hogan WWEFor the past several months, the buzz has been that Hulk Hogan is interested in a possible run with TNA Wrestling. Well, that rumor has now become a reality, because Hulk Hogan has officially signed with TNA!

I think that this is a great thing for TNA, as far as their growth goes as a company. Although this takes away from TNA’s goal to push more of the younger guys, this is a great opportunity for TNA to get huge coverage, and gain more and more fans! This could very well be that big name that TNA really needs to really grow, and move on to become more legitimate competition for the WWE. For some fans, that man could be Goldberg, for some it could have been DDP, and for some it could have been, and is going to be, Hulk Hogan! In my opinion, Hogan has the ability to push TNA to the point of competing against RAW in the second addition of the MONDAY NIGHT WARS! This could be exactly what the pro wrestling industry needs to become hot again! I am very excited about this and can’t wait to see how it plays out.

I do not know whether Hogan will be actually wrestling in TNA, or just an other on air character. I would love to see him in a few matches, so hopefully he will at least be playing a role like Mick Foley, acting as a general manager or other authority figure, and wrestling on occasion events. I would personally love to see him have a few matches with Sting, for nostalgic purposes, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Kurt Angle, and Samoa Joe among others.

According to TNA’s official website, Hogan will be making his IMPACT debut this week! I am very excited for his debut, and really look forward to learning more about what his TNA role will be. Initially, I would have thought that he would have joined the Main Event Mafia, but with them basically nonexistent now, that it obviously not going to happen. There are so many productive ways that TNA could use him, and I can only hope that they make the most out of this extraordinary opportunity!

As far as my emotions go, I am more excited than ever for this news! I have always been a huge Hogan fan, and for his to come to TNA, a company that I have followed for 7 years, makes me ecstatic! I am so glad that he is going to be on television again, on a professional wrestling program, that I can hardly wait for Thursday! Set your DVR’s everyone, because this is going to truly be a historic moment in the history of professional wrestling, and possible a milestone for TNA in their quest to go head to head with the WWE!

One individual who is potentially very influential in getting Hogan into TNA, is Eric Bishoff, who is now going to be apart of TNA as well. Eric will not be an on air character or a member of the TNA creative team, but helping get TNA more television shows. He is currently working on a new possible show, to go head to head with WWE RAW on Monday nights!

Overall, this is great news for TNA and their respective fan base, and I really look forward to Hogan helping TNA to grow, and become more and more popular!

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