Hulk Hogan Returning To WWE RAW Tonight


[adinserter block=”1″]It has been seven long years since the most famous wrestler in WWE history donned the red and yellow on Monday Night RAW. The drought ends tonight because the Hulkster is coming home.

Hogan coming back to the WWE was never a big question. That news has been out of the bag for weeks. When he would come back was always the question. Some predicted he would come back at the Royal Rumble, some the Elimination Chamber, but it will be tonight’s RAW in WI. The event by no coincidence will promote the launch of the new WWE Network.

WWE sent out a press release confirming that Hogan will indeed be the WWE WrestleMania 30 Guest Host. It’s amazing how much press the WWE got on one press release with Hogan compared to what TNA got from Hogan the last few years. Every mainstream pop culture website has reported on this from what I have seen.

I think the role of Guest Host is the way to go for Hulk. This way you don’t get too much Hulk but you get just enough to satisfy the crowd. Maybe you have him open the show, cut some vignettes, and then take part in the closing angle or match. I think the key here is to give the fans Hogan in multiple but small doses. The problem with TNA is that they went heavy with Hogan whereas I think he would have been better utilized in sporadic appearances.

The idea of Hogan wrestling was certainly intriguing. With John Cena programmed with Bray Wyatt, you always had the option of turning it into a six-man tag team match with the other Wyatts. I couldn’t imagine Hogan doing a singles match. Could he have gotten in there and thrown a punch or two in a six-man tag? Maybe he could have but you’d also have to find another big stare to compete the team and I am not sure who is available.

[adinserter block=”2″]There are also a ton of rumors about The Undertaker resurfacing on RAW on Monday. One thing I can confirm is that the show is supposed to be huge. There are a ton of rumors about the WWE closing the show with a cliffhanger angle to get people over to the network. It could be a long night for WWE fans between RAW and the post-event activities on the network. Get ready!

I guess it’s safe to say Hogan didn’t take Dixie’s offer.

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