Hulk Hogan Re-signs With TNA Wrestling


Hulk Hogan TNAPro wrestling fans hoping for the end of the Hulk Hogan era in TNA Wrestling will have to suffer for at least one more year. According to reports, The Hulkster has re-signed with TNA and continue damaging his legacy for at least another year in the Impact Zone. is reporting that Hogan has officially renewed his contract with TNA Wrestling. According to the report, the length of the deal is unknown at this time. At minimum one would guess that the deal would at least last another year.

[adinserter block=”2″]Hogan put himself in a very advantageous negotiating position. His contract was about to expire just weeks before his match with Sting at Bound for Glory. One would think that after building the match up for a year that TNA would have already secured Hogan or at least signed a mini extension. That was not the case yet all headaches will be avoided now that Hogan is locked up prior to the match.

Hogan will now enter year three of his run with TNA Wrestling. Hogan has only wrestled a handful of matches during his tenure with the company. Hogan’s biggest influence has been behind the scenes and depending upon what you define as success, he is either a disaster or a hit as a booker. In my opinion, he has been a huge failure in that role.

I recently blogged about Hogan and the damage he has done to his legacy in TNA. Prior to TNA, Hogan would pull in good ratings with sporadic appearances with the WWE. Since going to TNA, his matches and appearances have done very little if anything at all for the Impact ratings. In terms of pay per view buyrates, the buys have reportedly dropped drastically since Hogan has arrived. Even an objective look at the Hulkster’s reign of terror in TNA has to conclude that there are problems.

Most reports are that Hogan is in real bad shape physically. While he may look great on the outside, he is reportedly suffering big time since his major back surgery last winter. His match with Sting will probably be his last or one of his last few as his body is just shot. So to me, it would appear that this deal is more about securing Hogan for his duties outside of the ring as opposed to keeping around as an active pro wrestler.

[adinserter block=”1″]I can’t blame Hogan for sticking around. Hogan’s money issues are well documented following his highly publicized divorce along with his son’s responsibility in a horrific car accident that left someone paralyzed. Hogan would probably not get anything close to a full time deal from the WWE other than a highly paid legends deal. So if TNA is willing to keep him, his interest in staying is certainly understood.

I have never been a big TNA Wrestling fan but the company has shown signs of hope from time to time. Unfortunately I have found little of this during Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s tenure with the company. I can’t imagine much changing, especially now that Hogan has the capital of a new deal to back him.

So get ready Impact Wrestling fans. If change is coming, it is at least a year away.

Update: Dave Meltzer also reports in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Eric Bischoff has also re-signed.

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  1. The bigger thing is, even his booking sucks ass, let alone his wrestling….he's just a name, a name this declining in value as we speak…maybe his midget wrestling will work out too….stupid

  2. I remember actually being depressed when the Hulkster was "retiring" after Wrestlemania VIII. I wish I could go back and tell 7-year-old me, "yeah….I wouldn't really worry about it."

  3. I have watched my last TNA broadcast and event. This sealed it for me. Hogan sucks and he seems to be the only one, outside of TNA management, who doesn't see it.


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