Hulk Hogan Makes Stunning Announcement At Impact Taping


Hulk HoganIt is really hard to take these things seriously but a piece of news from the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings is worth discussing. Hulk Hogan made an announcement that will either be the beginning of the end or just another senseless TNA Wrestling swerve.

Well it looks like we may be spared that Sting vs. Hulk Hogan match after all. After building towards the Bound for Glory main-event, the Hulkster will make an announcement that will air on Impact that will change not only the BFG main-event, but quite possibly TNA Wrestling as we know it.

[adinserter block=”2″]According to several reports, Hogan came to the ring and talked about how Hulkamania was on a roll (I guess he missed my blog last week). Hogan did the usual rundown of his career such as beating Andre the Giant, etc. Hogan then concluded the promo by telling the Impact Zone that it was the end of the road for him. He said he lost his health and family (he left out legacy and most of his fortune). He said he has decided that his run in wrestling is over and that it is time for TNA guys like Samoa Joe and Robert Roode to carry the company (you know, the same company he ran into the ground the last two years).

He finished the announcement saying that he would make one more final appearance for the company. Hogan said that he would say goodbye in Knoxville. TNA will be taping Impact in Knoxville on October 6. The taping comes 10 days before the Bound for Glory event.

There are a few things to note here. One, this screams angle due to the timing. The angle may be used to draw viewers into the Knoxville Impact episode, trying to save face for the disastrous ratings of the Hunstville show. It also helps the live Knoxville attendance crowd as well. Additionally it comes ten days before Bound for Glory so the timing isn’t just coincidence to me.

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Dave Meltzer however made a few interesting observations on his latest Observer Radio podcast that may sway your opinion a bit. One, Meltzer said Hogan was scheduled to turn babyface at Bound for Glory, so why do the turn ahead of time unless he really isn’t wrestling at Bound for Glory. Two and most importantly, Meltzer noted that Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s contracts with TNA Wrestling are up in October.

It is always hard to tell with TNA because quite frankly they are so desperate for ratings that doing Hogan’s turn early may be a Hail Mary. Additionally, if Impact delivers a low rating for Knoxville the chances are good that Spike TV would scrap any future road tapings. So maybe this is just TNA playing their ace in the hole and hoping for the best.

[adinserter block=”1″]I would like to think that this really is the end of Hogan in TNA. There is no way in the world that he and Bischoff deserve to stay with the company. They have more or less run the company into the ground in the last two years. Numbers are down across the board and you can make up a million excuses but at the end of the day, this has been all under their watch. How anyone could defend new contracts for these men is just unthinkable to me.

No matter what, when all is said and done whether this is the end of Hogan in TNA or not, he will be back somewhere in pro wrestling. I could easily see the WWE bringing Hogan in for something. He can’t wrestle but neither can Bret Hart and that hasn’t stopped the WWE from booking him to wrestle. Hogan lost a great deal of his fortune over the last several years so it is almost necessary that he continues working to sustain his lifestyle.

Either way, it will be very interesting to see what happens on October 6.

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  1. Keep Hogan but as baby face, sack bitchoff, bring back 6 sided ring, give somoa joe a huge push before he leaves for wwe, sign jack evans…. just a few reasons to get tna back up and running as a company TNA TNA TNA

  2. First, The average rating say the tna in 2011 have the highest rating ever so that mean my friend your a liar in your article.

    Second, tna is nearly sold out in BFG 2011 for the first time ever and that mean good but people like you need to wear a glasses…

    third,Impact on the road happen more in this year and thx to H & B and by the way Huntsville taping beat smack down taping attend for the first time ever and can you imagine beat wwe with small company ooooooh that really hurt for you ….

    Fourth, tna create in two years many fresh faces gonna be worl champion in the future such as Crimson, Gunner, Bobby Roode , James Storm , Anderson and pauly ray ..

    and finally TNA cross the record this year in UK and have the most profit in TNA shop and morrrre ….

  3. I can honestly say that I couldn't care less what Hulk Hogan or TNA does at this point. I make no effort to watch Impact any more, which is too bad because I have always hoped that they would succed. So do whatever you want Hogan…. I won't be watching.

  4. Hogan and Bischoff have little to no control over the company. They might be yes men, or even have a few ideas, but Vince Russo essentially runs the company. He can do whatever he wants, and Dixie will OK it.

    • Actually, believe it or not, Bischoff does legitimately have an executive position in the company. Yes, Russo still more or less runs the show, but Bischoff's role in the company is not all that different from the role his character plays on the show.


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