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Hulk Hogan Has A Message For Philadelphia Flyers Fans

Hulk Hogan FlyersThe Philadelphia Flyers have been known to source celebrity videos to rally the fans during playoff games. This year they have gone to the world of professional wrestling and recruited Hulk Hogan to cut a video on the video screen to whip up the fans only as the Hulkster can do.

[adinserter block=”2″]This is great stuff here if you are a Flyers fan and a real reminder to the pro wrestling world as to what an icon Hogan is. Unfortunately Hogan has tarnished his legacy over the last several years in the eyes of most wrestling fans. Fortunately for Hogan, the rest of the world only remembers him as one of the sports world’s biggest icons.

This all came about after an incident where Flyer Scott Harnell confronted a Hogan lookalike in Pittsburgh. The Flyers then created a t-shirt that read, “Watcha gonna do when Flyersmania runs wild on you”, complete with Harntell ripping it off.

The Flyers do a great job of capitalizing on these kinds of moments. A few years ago during a playoff series, a journalist from Washington referred to Philadelphia Flyers fans as people who could work security at a Megadeth concert. The Flyers quickly jumped on this and recruited Dave Mustaine from Megadeth for a video the team used to rally the fans.

Hogan finally made his appearance on Sunday in Game 3. Hogan appeared via video in a message played in Philadelphia for Flyers fan. The place went nuts and Hogan looked every bit the superstar that he is outside of pro wrestling.

Here are two versions of the video. One which is the official off of the official Flyers’ website and another which captures the reaction Hogan got from the Flyers’ faithful in Philadelphia which is something to see.

[adinserter block=”1″]It amazes me that as big of a star as Hogan is outside of pro wrestling that you rarely see TNA Wrestling utilize him to get the word out. At the same time, I rarely hear Hogan mention TNA on any of these appearances. The only time I can recall him pumping TNA in the media was before his match with Sting last year. The WWE did a better job with The Rock in a month than TNA has done in the last few years with the Hulkster.

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