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AP Says Hulk Hogan Is Sport’s Hottest Free Agent

Hulk Hogan is the hottest free agent in sports right now…well at least according to the Associated Press. The AP ran a story over the weekend with the Hulkster which either furthered TNA’s angle or allowed him to do some public negotiating.

It is still hard to figure out exactly what Hulk Hogan’s status is these days. Hogan’s contract reportedly expired on October 1. Hogan recently did an angle on TNA Impact Wrestling where he walked out of the company as president Dixie Carter begged him to stay. However, a media story found its way to the Internet last week that featured Hogan promoting last Thursday’s TNA live event. Hogan is also being advertised for Bound for Glory. So where does the Hulkster stand?

The crack journalist at the AP asked Hogan this and as you could have expected brother, Hogan is playing it cool.

“We couldn’t figure things out,” Hogan said. “We’re talking, but I’m wide open right now,” said Hulk of his status with TNA.

That isn’t exactly news. What is news is that Hogan dropped a little nugget here about a recent meeting he had with WWE C.O.O. Triple H and an offer that may have been made.

“He just welcomed me with open arms. He said if ever I decide I get the itch to come back home,” the door’s open, Hogan said.

That is a very interesting statement. Dave Meltzer for one of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has said that Triple H doesn’t like Hogan. Personal taste has never gotten in the way of business but from remarks over the last few months it appeared that Triple H was against bringing Hogan back. If this did happen that is big news and a huge chunk of leverage that Hogan has right now in his TNA talks.

I have always felt that Hogan was going back. The timing will never be better. With the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania, the WWE Network in the works, and the 2K14 video game coming out soon, Hogan will never have as much leverage as he does for a WWE deal. Yet at the end of the day would any WWE deal come close to the $35,000 appearance fee Hogan gets for his Impact appearances?

Even with just 40 appearances that takes Hogan over 1 million dollars a year. Could Hogan get that from the WWE? I suppose he could but that seems like an awful lot of money to pay someone who won’t be wrestling. If he does get that money he would have to be booked as something of a regular character, a move that I can’t imagine the WWE would be happy to play. I have to think that all WWE interest with Hogan resides outside of the ring with a few sporadic appearances here and there. I suppose it is possible with licensing and merchandise that Hogan could make that kind of money in the WWE. I just don’t know if the WWE is willing to make that kind of commitment.

On the other side you have TNA Wrestling that are bleeding money right now. They are cutting wrestlers left and right and are in arguably its worst financial state under Panda Energy. Ratings are falling and live event business is terrible. Is it even feasible at all for TNA to sign Hogan to the same deal? Would Hogan take less? Does Viacom get involved? There are a lot of questions when it comes to TNA.

Hogan also intimated that he could wrestle one more match in the article. I am sure that makes TNA happy to know that they paid him $35,000 an appearance for him to save his one match for WrestleMania 30. Hogan is teasing of course that he could do this match at 30. I just don’t see it. The guy can barely walk down the ramp on Impact without looking like he is in major pain. Could he throw a punch here and there? Maybe he could, but I think the WWE would demand something more. Then again there is the Great Khali so maybe they would book him in a match with John Cena?

I always thought Hogan was leaving. However, after reading that story last week about him promoting TNA and being promoted for Bound for Glory I am leaning towards him re-signing. I think we will all know the answer at Bound for Glory. If October 20 passes without a sign of the Hulkster I would imagine you’d see a lot of him quickly in the WWE promoting the 2K14 game which comes out October 29.

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