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Hulk Hogan Cuts Killer Promo On Tim Tebow

Hulk Hogan Tim TebowTim Tebow has made a lot of people mad in Denver, but none more than one of the biggest pro wrestling stars of all time. Hulk Hogan stopped by ESPN SportsNation this week and had a few choice words for the Denver Broncos QB.

I have to admit, this is one heck of a promo. The crew at SportsNation asked Hogan to give some inspiring words to the new Broncos starting quarterback. What happened next was a classic Hogan promo. Hogan took the approach of motivating Tebow by fear and even ripped apart the #15 jersey to make his point.

[adinserter block=”1″]Hogan has made a lot of media rounds this past week promoting TNA Bound for Glory. I know I was critical of TNA for re-signing the Hulkster, but when you see how much publicity he got for the company this week, it kind of makes it all the worthwhile.

Now would I have him book? Of course not, but there is no other wrestler in TNA (or maybe even the WWE) that would get the red carpet treatment from the media that Hogan has received this week. This week has really been an eye opener as to how valuable Hogan really is to TNA or as he says, Impact Wrestling.

Be afraid Tim Tebow…be very afraid!

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  1. you guys can put Tebow down. but at the end of the day, even if he doesn't make it in the nfl, which i feel he will, he can go to bed and be comforted of what he has done in his college football days ect. what have you numb-nuts done in your life? how many national championshipe have you helped win? how many "h" tropy's ore on your fireplace. your just lucky that you have the ability to write about people on a daily basis.. as far as the steroid "fulk" which mean "fake" what a big mouth you all have in wrestling. what a joke!!!!!!!!!

  2. Of course the Hulk (is that an extraordinarily large pile of you know what?) blows off about Tim Tebow now, when Timmy is obligated to quarterback the team.

    Hey Hulk, you want Timmy, our Jesus boy? Challenge him after the season. Timmy would love to do a charity for his orphans in the Phillippines. See who turns the other cheek, dude.

  3. This is just a stupid article. Tim Tebow has made a lot of people mad in Denver? Really? BS. People were mad that the Broncos wouldn't let him play. Not mad at Tebow. It appears that even a chimp can write an article. Geezus!

    • Yes really Steve. I have plenty of friends in Denver, some in the sports media, and there are probably more people that can't stand Tim Tebow and the whole start Tebow debate than otherwise. Get your head out of your Gators jersey and do a little research before you start calling me stupid.

      • Aww you mad bro? Just because steve pointed out your article is trash is no reason to get mad. BTW I have plenty of friends in Denver too and they said you a lying chimp. And maybe you misheard the chants for the Broncos to bench Orton and play Tebow. I doubt that would of happened if more people couldn't stand Tebow, please do more research princess.

        • Hardly. I could care less. I don't have an interest one way or the other on Tebow. I just know what friends IN THE SPORTS MEDIA in Denver tell me and it is quite different from what Steve is saying.

          Do you really think that John Fox is basing his decision on what fans are chanting? Maybe you should do more research Cinderella if that is how you think these are decisions are made.

          • One thing you should know about the Denver media, they're idiots. On a sports athlete's jock one day, trying to ride them out of town the next. You're "friends" are idiots. Orton sucks and the Broncos are a sinking ship…it has nothing to do with Tebow. The FANS want change.

  4. lets see hulk , the guy who does commercials for rent a center acting like a bigger idiot than on the commercials grow up dude your yesterdays new long time gone


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