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Hulk Hogan Compares TNA To WCW

Hulk Hogan is trying to make waves for TNA Wrestling and the United Kingdom. Hogan took some time to do some international media to do so and talked TNA’s growth. Let’s just say that it probably isn’t smart to compare the company you are running to one that lost $80 million and went out of business.

[adinserter block=”1″]Hulk sat down with WrestleTalk TV and talked a lot of TNA Wrestling. If you recall, WrestleTalk TV was the place where Bret made his recent negative remarks against Hulk and TNA. Unfortunately you will have to wait another week to see how Hogan responded.

Hulk compared TNA’s growth with WCW. I don’t want to nitpick (I’ll leave that to the Hitman) but that is just laughable. TNA Impact ratings haven’t gotten anywhere close to WCW Nitro ratings for one. Two, TNA just did their biggest house show which was somewhere around 8,000 people. Even WCW was drawing more than that when Hulk got going there. The biggest difference to me is the pay per view business. TNA doesn’t release numbers but Dave Meltzer has reported their numbers in the past and they are a blip compared to past WCW pay per view ratings. I just don’t see the same groundwork for an explosion in TNA Wrestling that WCW had.

You may also not want to boldly compare the company you are running to a company that lost an estimated $80 million and went out of business. Just a thought.

Hogan also talks about Jeff Hardy and how his state of mind has been since coming back. Hogan says that Jeff is the “man he was supposed to be.” Hogan credits the birth of Jeff’s daughter for Jeff “growing up” and has a lot of positive things to say about the former TNA world champion.

Now Hulk does actually respond to Bret Hart’s comments about Hulk being worthless and his inability to create new stars in part two of this interview. Unfortunately that isn’t posted at press time so we’ll have to wait a few days for that one.

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  1. Hogan IS worthless!! I think hes upset because TNA wont pay for his cocaine partys. Bret is everything Hogan wants to be, a respected legend with pedigree and blood legacy. Hogan has steroids,sex,drugs and lies………and yes WCW went under!!!!!


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