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Updated – Howard Stern Announces Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant

Tiger Woods MistressesIt has been quite a while since the “King of All Media,” Howard Stern stole some headlines. Stern will definitely create some buzz with his newest radio show contest. Stern announced today that he will hold a $100,000 Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant on his radio show. Could this turn out to be one of the biggest stories of 2010 or a failed attempt to ride out into the sunset after 30+plus years of broadcasting?

Stern casually mentioned the idea for this contest shortly before he left for his annual holiday break. It looks like the prize amount dropped dramatically from his original plans of a seven-figure prize. Longtime Stern advertiser Ashley Madison will be sponsoring the contest. Stern did not reveal a date for the contest or a minimum requirement of entrants. Stern teased the idea of celebrity judges including Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren but I’d suspect the chances of that happening are slim and none with slim just leaving town.

[adinserter block=”2″] I think the idea is brilliant but there is one major flaw at the outset. The amount of the prize just shows how out of touch the show is with media in the new century. A $100,000 prize may have sealed the deal in the 90s with a Bill Clinton Mistress Pageant, but that is chump change today. For one, chances are that some of these women are being offered more just for an interview. Two, CBS could sweep in here, make this a seven-figure prize, and steal the contest for one of its own shows with a dual radio and television broadcast. Three, I would venture to guess that a few of these women will be offered more money for book and movie deals. Are any of these women really going to subject themselves to the humiliation and criticism that comes along with a Stern Show Beauty Contest for $100,000? Honestly, these girls could make this in a night playing online blackjack at home, and minus the shame.

Stern show producer and ace pitcher, Baba Booey reported on the show that he has been in touch with a new woman who claims to have had an affair with Tiger Woods who has yet to go public. The show could go down this road and have four or five women who haven’t gone public, yet claim to have affairs. The problem is, how would anyone verify any of them? Most of the women already revealed look to make good livings (not all) and after taxes would be looking at a prize that won’t change their life too much in 2010. Now ask them in 2015 when the publicity dies down and you could probably put this thing together for $10,000.

[adinserter block=”1″]This announcement comes as we head into the final two years of Stern’s Sirius contract. Stern started a five-year deal with the company in January 2006. Reportedly Stern’s deal was for an estimated $500,000,000 which likely consisted of stock options and production costs. This may tick off a lot of Stern fans, but in the end it has been a colossal failure. The stock at Sirius tanked, the company merged with XM, and right now the future of the operation is very much up in the air. Stern definitely did his part and brought millions of listeners with him, but I highly doubt those listeners put a dent into the costs of producing the Stern Show, which makes the deal a huge bomb for Sirius. The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant may get some initial buzz, but it is really hard to fathom the idea that Sirius will get any new listeners in the current economic climate off of this lame attempt at publicity. Over $12 a month for radio (which is well worth it as a five-year subscriber), is the first thing that will be eliminated from the unemployment budget and the last thing anyone is going to sign up for who is just coming out of debt with a new job.

In the end I think this is a fun idea, but the execution is just bad on several accounts. I think the show should have waited until they had at least four written commitments before announcing the contest. The money isn’t right, the timing is off, and the chances that Stern looks like a fool for not being able to pull this off are greater than us hearing a contest on the radio show. Hey, I could announce a contest here on the blog but if nobody enters the contest doesn’t happen and it is all for nothing.

In that case… will be holding a $10 Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant.

Update: Apparently some people are getting their panties in a bunch about the comment I made about Stern’s lack of success at Sirius. I think it is interesting how so many people assume that I am taking a shot at Howard. As a longtime Stern listener and fan (attended the Morning Zoo funeral here in Philly), that was not my intent. From my standpoint, I put the blame on Sirius for mismanaging their investment. I will write a blog at a later date specifically on that topic, but I blame Sirius for blowing it and not Howard. Howard can only do what he is paid to do which is entertain. It is up to Sirius to go out and market him, not Howard.

Update #2 – Howard Stern officially announced that the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant will take place live on his show on March 10. Stay tuned!

Update #3 Jamie Jungers won the pageant today on the Howard Stern Show. Jaimeee Grubs came in second.

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  1. Dude you lose all credibility writing stuff that couldn't be further from the truth. I'll never read your page again. There is nobody in the world who could've brought over 6-8 million people possily more to a hardly known satellite service and pay $12.95 a month for it. Howard saved satellite radio and he can end it just as fast if he leaves.

    • Once you again like a few others you have completely missed my point. As a die-hard Stern fan you put up the defense instead of reading what I am saying. I put all of the blame on Sirius but if you took the time to read that, you would understand the point I was trying to make.

  2. Howard Stern ? Ask him what he did to his wife and kids ? what a piece of garbage always has been sick b^stard always has been and how much do they pay him ?

    Money well spent on perverting a good part of the population… WTG Howard once again you show you perverse nature.

  3. Well, if your not willing to stand behind what you wrote then whats the point ?

    BTW, they have made several updates to the progress of the contest. They are hoping to have 6 contestants and at last update they had 4 confirmed.

    • I am aware, I try and listen everyday. That is why I said "as of now" because it sounds like they are moving forward with it, although they have mentioned that they were having difficulty over the prize amount.

  4. The only colossal failure is this so called story. I don't care if you are a Stern fan or not. Your story is filled with inaccuracies. The most blatant one is that there was a 7 figure prize mentioned. Not true and that never came from Stern's lips and those are the only lips that count in this case. Give me a show date where he supposedly said this and I'll prove you wrong.

    • Look if you expect me to sit here and document dates and times on a radio conversation I heard in passing than you really need a life dude. If it really bothers you that much, than hey he didn't say it. I don't know what to tell you.

      However, a month after he announced it he still doesn't have a competition. So the thesis has been proven correct until he does have an actual pageant.

  5. another writer with now clue and doesnt check any facts. never did howard state a 7 figure prize for the winner. never! the way this tool writes that is like he is taking a shot at howard for not being able to get a million for the contest. again never did he state 7 figures. he actually stated 100k as the most but wasnt sure if he could get sponser to get that. but obviously he did.

    and to the poster who thinks 100k is low. give me a break. how much do you want to pay these ho's to come on in a bikini and talk about their time with tiger. these chicks dont make 50k a year. 100k is plenty.

    • He actually did state when he originally brought up the idea in conversation before vacation something about a million dollars. In all fairness he was probably joking around. I highly doubt $100k is going to get it done for all of the reasons I said above.

  6. I agree that Howard's announcement Tiger Woods beauty contest is probably a little premature. I also agree that the figure of $100,000 is a little low, especially considering that only one woman can actually win the prize. I don't take any issue with that part of your article. In retrospect, I apologize for lowering myself to name-calling because that was out of line.

    I also acknowledge that the David Letterman analogy was a bit of a stretch, but I was trying to make the point that the stock value of Sirius has no significance to Howard’s success.

    I just take issue with the suggestion that Howard is a colossal failure.

    If you are a Stern fan, then I apologize. It didn’t seem like you were a Howard fan, when you said “we head into the final two years of Stern’s Sirius contract” when every Stern fan knows his contract ends December of 2010. But I can't judge your intentions, I can only judge what you write and looking at your original article it seems clear to me that at the very least you think the deal with Sirius was not only a "colossal failure," but also “a huge bomb for Sirius.” It wasn’t clear in your original article that you were attacking Sirius and not Stern. The reason I use quotes from your article is to show you where in the article I take issue with. I must have misunderstood, but the way you wrote it, its an easy mistake to make.

    The part of the article that I still take major issue with is your suggestion that part of the “colossal failure” and “huge bomb” was when Sirius “merged with XM.” That was a good thing, for both Howard Stern AND Sirius and to suggest otherwise is just incorrect.

    • I also apologize for the harsh response. I have been listening to Howard since high school. I used to sneak in a radio in study hall in high school and listen. I even attended the Morning Zoo funeral here in Philly ages ago. As one Stern fan to another, can't we all just get along? lol

  7. My blog is hosting a vote for Tiger's Hottest Tail – maybe we should send our results to Stern? Though right now Elin's winning our election. I guess there's a lot of sympathy voting out there?

    Anyway, should you be interested in voting, the link is here: Thanks!

    • Wow, amazing. Once again, I don't blame Howard for the failure I blame Sirius. That would be like me giving someone ownership of my car that didn't know how to drive it.

      I haven't listened to Rush in ages. As I said, five-year Sirius subscriber and that is usually where my radio stays.

      I have been blogging for years. You should google my previous Stern pieces. Most of them bow down to the King.

  8. Wow, are you just jealous. Even your first paragraph, even in your own writing, do you show your own bias and lack of reason: "Could this turn out to be one of the biggest stories of 2010 or a failed attempt to ride out into the sunset after 30+plus years of broadcasting?" Name one radio host that has been as successful as Howard Stern for 30+ years. In fact, name one entertainer that has been successful for 30+ years. Howard doesn't need to prove anything.

    You're also a moron. "The stock at Sirius tanked." Howard has nothing to do with the stock price. Nothing. It is similar to blaming David Letterman for the value of TVs. A more accurate reflection of Stern's success/failure would be his RATINGS or listener-ship. Which ironically, you acknowledge when you say howard "brought millions of listeners with him." But then you become a moron again when you say: "but I highly doubt those listeners put a dent into the costs of producing the Stern Show, which makes the deal a huge bomb for Sirius." Make a dent? Let's us your math. Howard, even by the most CONSERVATIVE estimates, has 6 million listeners. Multiply that by $12 a month, and you have 72 million dollars income every month, at a minimum. This doesn't include sponsors, or any other forms of income. Even if Howard's equipment was made of solid gold, I "doubt" it would cost anywhere near 72 million a month.

    "the company merged with XM" is not a bad thing, half-brain. This is by far your most ignorant comment. Nobody even knew what Sirius was before Howard came along. The reason they were able to merge was because Howard had made Sirius a contender. XM had to merge before it went bankrupt.

    "in the end it has been a colossal failure." The only colossal failure here is this blog. Do some research before you approach your keyboard.

    • First of all, the only moron here seems to be you. You are completely wrong. Not only do I not care how much Howard makes, I applaud it. I have listened to Howard probably a lot longer than you have (almost 25 years). I can't think of many mornings during the week since high school that I didn't at least tune in to hear what Howard had going on. Sad but true, Howard probably had a lot of influence on me as a teenager growing up. I will miss him greatly when he is gone and hope he does re-sign with Sirius even if it is for three days per week or a modified schedule.

      Second, as for my quote about him riding off into the sunset, Howard more or less said the same thing himself. When he proposed the contest before vacation he mentioned how cool it would be for them to end their contract with that under their belts. A great way to end his career. His words, not mine.

      Third, I am only posing questions about whether the contest will fail or succeed. This is a blog and that is my opinion. I don't know whether it will or won't and quite frankly neither do you. I think it is a brilliant publicity stunt as it has already generated a ton of buzz.

      Fourth, I don't blame the complete destruction of the Sirius stock on Howard at all. I would actually put more blame on Sirius. I don't think they ever marketed Sirius or Howard right from the day he signed on. At the same time, comparing Howard's impact on Sirius' business to that of David Letterman's on televisions is a very big stretch.

      Finally my blog is doing just fine. Thanks for caring.

  9. $12.00 a month times even if you estimate 8 million listeners who subscribed that's 96 mil a month in revenues, or 1.15 billion in annual revenues. Howard was a bust for Sirius? Your comments don't add up. Wait until this year when the aggressively try to resign him because he makes Sirius/Xm money!

  10. But come on, the chance to further humiliate yourselves and show all of America what a busted out ho u really are for a little payday. What mistress would turn that down :p

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