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Howard Finkel Does My Wedding Party Introductions – Video

Howard Finkel & the GroomIt is finally here! The long awaited Howard Finkel wedding video featuring the WWE Hall of Fame ring announcer making wedding party introductions for MY WEDDING! Yes I hired the Fink to do my wedding and he was tremendous!

To give you a little background on it I came across the now infamous Howard Finkel wedding You Tube video a few months before my wedding back in April. I showed it to my then fiancé now wife (who is not a pro wrestling fan) and she thought it was funny. I left it at that but in the back of my head I wondered, “Should I?”

[adinserter block=”2″]A couple of months later my fiancé and I were talking about it and she confessed that she was trying to figure out how to book the Fink for the wedding as a surprise, but not knowing much about wrestling she couldn’t pull it off. I told her that if we really wanted to do that I may have some connections to make that happen. We came in under budget so the wiggle room was there for the extra expense.

I called one of my groomsmen, who put me in touch with Howard almost immediately. A few email exchanges later and The Fink was booked for my wedding! It was really as easy as that.

Talking to Howard up to the event was a real pleasure. He couldn’t have been more professional and at times seemed just as excited as I was about his appearance. He even offered to come early and sign autographs and chat with anyone who wanted to say hello. I explained that most of my guests weren’t wrestling fans but that didn’t seem to bother him.

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As for the wedding, he couldn’t have been more fun and more professional. He went out of his way to engage anyone who wanted to talk and took more pictures than he probably cared to. His wedding party introductions were fantastic and he was a real pleasure to talk to. Several of our guests remarked that his appearance ranked my wedding at the top of their list of favorite weddings. Even funnier were the guys who came were dragged with their significant other on my wife’s side to the wedding and immediately perked up when The Fink walked that aisle. It was a blast!

I have been asked for months about when I was going to post the video. I got caught up in other things and well, let’s just say that the videographer we hired was a bust! But thanks to some nifty digital editing technology I was able to salvage the video as you will see below.

[adinserter block=”1″]I decided to post the audio only of the wedding party introductions with video stills, minus live video. That may disappoint some people but I think out of respect to the families who probably don’t want their children seen by strangers on You Tube, I thought I would err on the side of caution in this case. I think the audio will still do the event justice and I hope you can understand my decision to keep a shred of this private.

Finally, drop me a line if you wish to book Howard for your wedding. I can’t recommend him enough. I am not his booking agent in any way but I would be happy to forward all inquiries to his official booking agent. Why wouldn’t you want to be introduced for the first time as husband and wife by the icon of pro wrestling ring announcers?


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  1. hey eric i seen ur wedding video with the fink and it was awesome i want to do my wedding something like that with howard finkel can u help me with that so i can get a booking from him.

  2. hey eric i seen ur wedding video with the fink and it was awesome i want to do my wedding something like that with howard finkel can u help me with that so i can get a booking from him.


    Jonathan Garcia

  3. Hi, I am also trying to book Howard Finkel for my wedding this December and Im having trouble finding his booking agent. It seems theres a few fakes out there. If you could give me any information it would be greatly appreciated


    Todd Richardson

  4. That was so awesome. Wish I thought of that one for my wedding. Nice touch with the old WWF music for the Fink and the "Newwww Mr. and Mrs." That was great.


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