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How WWE Should Handle Asuka on the Main Roster

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If you have been watching Triple H’s pet project, NXT for a considerable amount of time you will understand that Asuka being promoted to the main roster is a big deal. The undefeated Japanese female superstar is as charismatic as she deadly, and she doesn’t even need to speak a lick of English.

For the past couple of weeks now WWE’s A list show, Raw have been showcasing preview vignettes for the empress of tomorrow’s imminent debut on the main roster. To some this is already showing how WWE are falling at the first hurdle as many feel she would be more suited for a run on the blue brand where Triple H can keep a close eye on her and not be left to Vince McMahon’s often xenophobic tendencies. However, placing Asuka on Monday nights shows just how much faith the people in the back have in her, and these recent vignettes only bolster this opinion by making her feel like the biggest thing to happen to women’s wrestling since the never-ending revolution of recent times. But when Asuka eventually makes her way to Raw, how should she be handled?

As previously stated, Asuka has gotten over with the Full Sail crowd during her run in NXT by just showcasing her ability to kick her competitors heads clean off their shoulders, and only occasionally speaking into a microphone to attempt a coherent sentence before resuming her aggressive onslaught. However, the Full Sail crowd are notoriously easy to win over, and Vince McMahon is a big believer in how the ability to cut a decent promo is a large part of being a champion. The solution to this is simple enough, if Asuka can’t speak for herself, then she simply needs a mouthpiece, and there is none better in the industry right now than Paul Heyman.

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Although side projects for Heyman in the past such as Cesaro and Curtis Axel have been unsuccessful, something makes Asuka an exception to this slew of people that work with Heyman that aren’t named Brock Lesnar; Asuka would be the first Paul Heyman girl. Not only would Paul Heyman’s grandiose announcement of Asuka’s undefeated streak be enough to salivate any audience member, but the mere association with Heyman bring on a heel turn for Asuka that the audience has never seen within WWE programming.

If WWE does not feel that Asuka requires a mouthpiece such as Heyman, then another idea of how she should be handled on the main roster would be to just let her be herself, and by that I mean let her tear through the division until only one is left standing, Asuka. Her undefeated NXT run has already diminished any idea of Asuka being mistreated on the main roster. This is due to list of accomplishments that she has gained while down in developmental, and if WWE mistreated her on the main roster then overall they would mistreat the entire NXT division, something Vince would be careful not to do if he wishes to continue to make money from all of the house shows that the developmental division do.

It is understandable to be apprehensive of the way that Asuka may be treated once she debuts on the main roster based on how they have managed to make fan favourites such as Shinsuke Nakamura, Tye Dillinger, and Sami Zayn into somewhat of a chore to endure. But don’t be disheartened, although the women’s divisions of each brand are particularly small, there are enough top quality performers there for Asuka to shine in great bouts with, and if Vince McMahon mistreats Asuka, take pride in knowing that she could easily kick his head clean off his shoulders.

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