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How WWE Should Book the Roadblock Live Special

WWE have announced that on March 12, there will be a WWE Network exclusive special that will be airing live from Toronto. This will seemingly be along the same lines as Beast in the East and Live from Madison Square Garden which means we know it’ll be three hours and we know it’ll have the live event format. However, the Roadblock card is already looking far more interesting than Fast Lane and Roadblock is a far better name and concept than Fast Lane, so it should replace it altogether next year – but that’s a story for another day.

This special is crucial to setting up WrestleMania and while only three matches have been announced for it so far, this is how and what I would book to build anticipation for WrestleMania while putting on an awesome event.

Match One:

United States Championship Match: Kalisto versus The Miz

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Kicking things off is more or less an enhancement match for Kalisto, whose U.S Title run has stalled since Fast Lane. This is mainly because Sin Cara is holding him back and not letting him flourish as a single’s competitor. The Miz has built a little momentum and is coming off a fantastic performance in the Styles/Jericho feud so giving him a high profile match makes sense. Kalisto should retain in simple fashion and this should be the beginning of setting up a multi-person ladder match for WrestleMania.

Winner: Kalisto

Match Two:

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder versus Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy

This is one of the three matches that have already been announced and it should be the final match, culminating the feud these two teams have had for months now. This has been one of the most fiery tag team feuds we’ve seen in a number of years and expect this to resemble more of a fight than a wrestling match early on. Dawson and Wilder should retain through some kind of shenanigans as they already have multiple clean victories over Enzo and Cass and another one wouldn’t really add anything to them, but it would make Enzo and Cass look weak in front of the main roster WWE audience which we assume they’ll be joining shortly. It’s good to see an NXT match on the card and WWE should continue this trend with their live specials.

Winners: Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder

Match Three:

Team Raw vs Team NXT: Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch & Charlotte versus Bayley, Asuka & Carmella

At first, this may seem random and illogical, but this is how I would set it up. I would have a backstage segment with the three Raw girls where Stephanie interrupts them and tells them she’s annoyed with crowds chanting for NXT when they’re out there and says they need to realize their allegiance is to the main roster, who are giving them the chance to compete at WrestleMania.

In order to ‘test’ them, she tells them they’ll be teaming up at WWE Roadblock to take on a team of NXT women. They obviously complain, mainly because they don’t want to team up together, but the match is made official and Stephanie tells them they better win. Team NXT isn’t revealed until the day of the event in a backstage segment with Sasha and Becky bickering, but agreeing they’d have each other’s backs for the night, but that they’re still worried about Charlotte turning on them. Bayley runs on screen and locks Becky in a giant hug saying she can’t wait for the match – but then Asuka walks on screen… and smiles.

This match needs to include the following things, Sasha tagging herself in to go face to face with Bayley before Charlotte tags herself back in to get some heat from the crowd. Asuka should not be tagged into this match for a long time, have Bayley, Asuka’s opponent for Takeover, worried tagging her and always tagging Carmella. Right at the end of the match, Bayley lunges to give Asuka the hot tag and she jumps down, smiles and walks off.

Becky Lynch, someone who’s never taken advantage of someone while their backs are turned, puts that aside and suplexes Bayley, showing she’s developing a harder edge for WrestleMania. Before she can go for a finishing move, Charlotte tags herself in again and prepares to lock Bayley in the figure-eight before Becky and Sasha have had enough of her and walk off. Charlotte gets distracted by this allowing Bayley to roll her up and get the victory for Team NXT. This helps set up Asuka versus Bayley and adds more fuel to the fire for the Divas Championship triple threat while keeping Asuka versus any of the three Raw Divas fresh for when she debuts.

Winners: Bayley, Carmella & Asuka

Match Four:

Brock Lesnar versus Bray Wyatt

The match originally slated for WrestleMania comes on next with Lesnar and Bray getting their big match at Roadblock. Bray should have the entire Wyatt Family with him and they should circle the ring and attack Brock before the match gets underway. To give Bray a legitimate chance, Brock needs to be down and out before the bout has even started. From there, Bray should be given as much offense as possible and made to look like a legitimate chance of beating Lesnar.

Of course, the crowd came to see Suplex city and Brock will give them that during the match. Brock should take out the rest of the family before hitting Bray with two F5’s for the win.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Match Five:

Tag Team Championship Number 1 Contenders Match: The League of Nations versus Y2AJ

This match is assuming the WWE make the right decision of having The New Day retain the titles on Raw, which they should do through some kind of miscommunication between Jericho and Styles.

From there, this match should be announced with the winning team going to WrestleMania to face The New Day. Sheamus and Rusev seem to be the two representing The League of Nations in most of their tag team matches which suggests they’ll be the two challenging for the gold… bronze. Xavier Woods should be on commentary representing The New Day and this match should be given plenty of time and treated as a match with serious repercussions.

Styles and Jericho get on top towards the end and Styles goes for that springboard flying forearm, but Rusev ducks out of the way and he hits Jericho. Sheamus takes advantage, Brogue Kicking Styles for the win. Jericho helps Styles to his feet post-match, shakes his head, pushes him back down and walks off.

Winners: The League of Nations (Sheamus & Rusev)

Match Six:

Intercontinental Championship Match: Kevin Owens versus Big Show

This is where they’ve seemingly been heading over the last few weeks and it would serve as a great little showcase match for Owens. Owens hitting a Pop up Powerbomb on Big Show for a clean victory would give him amazing momentum heading into WrestleMania. Who he faces at WrestleMania, who knows, it could be anyone from Sami Zayn to Styles and Jericho to a multi-man match, but he’s going to need momentum to be taken seriously and this is a smart way to get a win under his belt.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Match Seven:

The Dudley Boyz versus The Usos

This is the perfect place to have these two finally go two on two. These four have been feuding for a while now and they won’t be getting on the WrestleMania card so this is the place to do it.

This should be a fast paced match compressed into 10 minutes or less. The Usos should dominate the start and the end and be made to look as good as possible, before The Dudley’s cheat to get the win. Have D-Von distract the referee while Bubba hits Jimmy Uso with a chair, taking him out of the match. The Dudley’s then hit a 3D on Jey to get the victory. This shouldn’t be the end of the feud, but the best thing to do is to give The Dudley’s the first win as they need to build credibility as heels.

Winner: The Dudley Boyz

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Match Eight:

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Mach: Triple H versus Dean Ambrose

Finally, the main-event of the night, Ambrose versus Triple H for the championship which was set up on Raw last week and should be given as much time a physically possible. One spot I’d like to see is Ambrose countering a pedigree into a dirty deeds, which would look great and you know Triple H will give Ambrose plenty of offense, hopefully including his finisher. No interference, no shenanigans, let this be a legitimate match between two of the best storytellers in the WWE and Ambrose should be given as many near falls as possible.

In the end, Triple H retains with, preferably, a second pedigree and stands tall over Dean. He picks Dean up and pedigrees him one more time before heading under the ring and grabbing his sledgehammer. He tells Dean he’s going to teach him to respect authority the hard way – but out comes Roman Reigns who storms the ring, nose still busted up and takes Triple H down. He sets up for the spear, but Triple H rolls out of the ring and retreats, championship in hand.

Winner: Triple H

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