How WWE Should Book the Returning Mickie James

mickie james

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After her performance at NXT Takeover: Toronto, it’s been reported that Mickie James has signed a multi-year deal to return to the WWE. It also appears she will be returning to the SmackDown roster and many believe she’ll be revealed as La Luchadora, the masked assailant who cost Becky Lynch the SmackDown Women’s Championship a few weeks ago. Using all of that information, here is how the WWE should book Mickie James’ return.

We start next week on SmackDown where Becky Lynch comes to the ring, interrupting a Daniel Bryan promo. She asks for another shot at the title considering she was screwed over. Before Bryan can say anything, out comes Alexa Bliss and La Luchadora. Bliss tells Becky she’s had her shot and doesn’t deserve another one. Bryan disagrees and makes the match official for the Royal Rumble with the stipulation that if Becky loses, she will not be able to compete for the title for six months. Alexa, incensed, attacks Becky and with La Luchadora helping, she takes Becky down with that excellent DDT of hers. Alexa pulls Becky’s head up by her hair and asks her if she’d like to know who La Luchadora is. Alexa gives the masked wrestler a signal and she takes off her disguise revealing it to be Deonna Purrazzo. The woman who Lynch stood up for after Alexa called her Jane Ellsworth and deemed her not worthy of wrestling the champion. Bliss reveals that after the show, Deonna came up to her and begged to get a chance to learn from the champion – and that’s when Alexa concocted the plan that we’ve seen unfold over the last few weeks.

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We get to the Rumble and it’s Becky versus Alexa with Deonna in Alexa’s corner, unmasked. Late in the match, we get a standard referee bump and Purrazzo gets in the ring and they double team Lynch. Suddenly, La Luchadora’s music hits and out comes someone wearing the exact costume (I’ll give you three guesses as to whom). She gets in the ring and takes out Deonna. Alexa chucks La Luchadora out of the ring and goes back to Becky who catches her in the disarmer. Bliss taps out and Becky is the new SmackDown Women’s Champion. La Luchadora gets back in the ring and raises Becky’s hand. The new champ is confused and has no idea who it is. Alexa gets back to her feet and eats a Mick Kick from La Luchadora. Becky looks at her as if it was uncalled for and gets kicked herself. Both women are down and out. La Luchadora removes her mask to reveal – Mickie James. She picks up the title and raises it above her head. Becky pulls herself up with the ropes and Mickie smacks her in the face with the title belt.

We find out the next week on SmackDown that Becky has suffered a broken cheekbone as well as a concussion and will be out for 4-6 weeks. Bryan has decided not to strip her of the title and instead focus on the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in order to crown a number one contender for WrestleMania. He announces that it will be the first ever women’s Elimination Chamber match featuring Naomi, Nikki Bella, Carmella, Natalya, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. However, Mickie has been suspended for two weeks for her actions at the Rumble.

For those two weeks, we focus on the other competitors. We have Naomi and Natalya talk about how long they’ve been with the company and how much a WrestleMania singles match would mean to them. Carmella focuses on how she’s going to go from NXT to a WrestleMania champion in only a few months, Nikki says she deserves a title shot since she hasn’t had a one-on-one chance since returning and Alexa is just plain pissed off because she has a legitimate title rematch that she hasn’t received.

The week before the Chamber, Mickie returns and explains that what she did to Becky and Alexa was to send a message. She says she’s sick of hearing about this new generation of women’s wrestling and wants to remind everyone who the greatest really is.

During the Chamber match, Alexa is eliminated by Nikki, despite clearly having her hand on the rope. It comes down to Nikki Bella and Mickie James. Mickie wins and earns her championship match at WrestleMania.

Two weeks later on SmackDown, we get Nikki Bella versus Mickie James in a one-on-one rematch that ends by disqualification when Alexa and Deonna interfere, beating up both of them. Becky’s music hits and she storms the ring, clearing out Deonna, Alexa and even Nikki, but something’s different. Her hair is back to being brunette, she’s not smiling and she’s wearing dark, steampunk themed gear. She runs at Mickie who immediately retreats out of the ring and through the crowd. Becky raises her title and points to the WrestleMania sign. The goal here is to turn Becky from a smiley, happy babyface into more of a badass tweener.

With a month to go until WrestleMania, we get a promo from Becky explaining that she’d been in hospital for three weeks because she had complications in her recovery, her hair was starting to return to its original colour and she thought the bright orange wasn’t fitting given the situation. Mickie interrupts and says she doesn’t respect Becky. She’s not here to ‘put over’ the new talent, she’s here to remind everyone how far above the new women’s talent she is. Becky tells her she didn’t need to grab another woman by the vagina to get popular, drops the mic and is about to leave the ring when Alexa’s music hits. She comes out and demands her title rematch – at WrestleMania. Bryan comes out and agrees that it was unfair of him to deny Bliss her rematch once Becky returned to the ring and makes it official. WrestleMania will be a triple threat match. Becky doesn’t care, stating she’ll beat the crap out of both of them. Mickie also doesn’t mind since she wants to prove her superiority.

At WrestleMania, Becky retains – pinning Alexa, and that’s when we start to focus on this one-on-one rivalry between Lynch and James. Continuing the theme of Becky representing the new era and Micke the previous era. The feud can carry us to Money in the Bank and be the focus of the division.

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