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How WWE Should Book a Women’s Royal Rumble

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The next logical step in the progression of the WWE women’s division is for a full roster Royal Rumble to take place at next year’s pay-per-view. The four hour event will easily be able to hold the two matches and with a WrestleMania shot on the line, the build-up writes itself. The match should have 15 competitors, with entrants coming out every 90 seconds as per usual. Have the entire SmackDown and RAW rosters in the match along with two NXT entrants to add some intrigue.

Before we get started, this article is based on the assumption that Sasha Banks retains over Charlotte at Roadblock and Alexa Bliss cheats to defeat Becky Lynch on SmackDown in the lead up to the pay-per-view. Have both Alexa and Sasha at ringside for the Rumble. Play up the fact that the winner can challenge a champion of their choosing.

Let’s get rumbling!

Entrant 1: Bayley

Bayley has the star-power to carry this match and we’ll want to set her up as an underdog who never quits so give her the number one spot.

Entrant 2: Natalya

Natalya and Bayley kick off the inaugural women’s Rumble.

Entrant 3: Emmalina

Emmalina and Natalya double team and gang up on Bayley.

Entrant 4: Naomi

Naomi goes after Natalya and gives Bayley a hand.

Entrant 5: Carmella

Carmella also goes straight after Natalya. The whole ‘who attacked Nikki Bella’ thing is still unresolved.

Entrant 6: Alicia Fox

We’re still just filling up the ring at this point.

Entrant 7: Billie Kay

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Billie Kay is the first of our two NXT entrants and she gets the first elimination of the match, booting Alicia Fox off the apron.

Elimination 1: Alicia Fox by Billie Kay

Entrant 8: Nikki Bella

Nikki hits the ring and gets in Natalya’s face. Natalya tries to talk to her, but Carmella attacks Bella from behind. Natalya goes after Carmella and lays her out with a suplex before Nikki gets back up and eliminates Natalya.

Elimination 2: Natalya by Nikki Bella

Entrant 9: Nia Jax

Jax needs to be built up as the odds-on favourite to win going in and she makes an immediate impact, tossing out Billie Kay and Naomi.

Elimination 3: Billie Kay by Nia Jax

Elimination 4: Naomi by Nia Jax

Entrant 10: Tamina

Tamina makes her return from injury and gets in Nia’s face. Jax eventually overpowers Tamina and eliminates her. The rest of the girls (Nikki Bella, Carmella, Bayley and Emmalina) all gang up on Jax as the buzzer goes. Tamina will be returning to the RAW brand.

Elimination 5: Tamina by Nia Jax

Entrant 11: Becky Lynch

Nia is holding desperately onto the ropes as everyone else tries to push her off the apron. Jax nails them all with headbutts, getting a chance to catch her breath. Becky slides into the ring and hits Jax with a missile drop kick, eliminating her. She then slides out of the ring and nails Bliss with a forearm to the face before fist bumping Sasha.

Elimination 6: Nia Jax by Becky Lynch

Entrant 12: Dana Brooke

At some stage during these 90 seconds, Bayley gets the elimination of Emmalina. Still in the match are Bayley, Carmella, Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch and Dana Brooke. As the buzzer goes, Carmella is on the verge of tossing out Nikki Bella.

Elimination 7: Emmalina by Bayley

Entrant 13: Mickie James

Mickie, unveiled as now a full-time member of the SmackDown roster, makes her surprise entry and goes straight for Carmella, saving Nikki from elimination. Nikki rolls back in and James helps her to her feet, before dropping her with the Mick kick. She smiles at Carmella and tosses Nikki out of the ring. Was she the one that attacked Nikki Bella at Survivor Series, the night after her match with Asuka?

Elimination 8: Nikki Bella by Mickie James

Entrant 14: Charlotte

Charlotte, enraged at suffering her first pay-per-view title loss at Roadblock, storms the ring and quickly eliminates Carmella with help from Dana Brooke. The two take down Bayley and Becky before ganging up on Mickie James, who they also eliminate. Charlotte isn’t here to play fair. She can’t deal with being out of the title spotlight and will do anything to get back into it. While she’s gloating, Becky takes both her and Dana down and then hits a suplex on Bayley. She fires up and is about to go after Charlotte when Alexa gets in the ring and tosses Becky out from behind, eliminating her. Alexa then jumps the barricade and sprints through the crowd to get to safety. Charlotte and Dana look down at Bayley and smile. The number one entrant is exhausted and they’re now going to coast to victory.

Elimination 9: Carmella by Charlotte

Elimination 10: Mickie James by Charlotte and Dana Brooke

Elimination 11: Becky Lynch by Alexa Bliss

Entrant 15: Asuka

Her music hits and the smile vanishes from Charlotte’s face. The undefeated NXT Women’s Champion, who defeated Ember Moon at Takeover the night before, has arrived. Asuka and Charlotte have a face to face confrontation which is quickly ended by Dana Brooke attacking Asuka from behind. This brings swift repercussion as Asuka kicks Dana in the head and eliminates her.

Elimination 12: Dana Brooke by Asuka

Charlotte hasn’t moved, her eyes still locked on Asuka. Out of nowhere, Bayley grabs Charlotte from behind and tosses her out.

Elimination 13: Charlotte by Bayley

This leaves us with a totally exhausted Bayley dragging herself to a vertical base while Asuka stares her down. The cameras go to Sasha Banks still sitting at ringside with a subtle smile on her face. Bayley gives it her all, but Asuka is too much and the NXT Women’s Champion wins the Royal Rumble match.

Elimination 14: Bayley by Asuka

Asuka, as an NXT superstar, now gets to choose which champion she wants to face at WrestleMania, but she leaves the ring leaving it unclear who she’ll target. We find out Asuka’s target the next week when she appears on SmackDown and stares down Alexa Bliss. She also vacates the NXT Women’s Championship, meaning she comes to the main roster undefeated. She’s been undefeated for a year and there’s no need to end that streak in NXT.

WrestleMania 33 Matches:

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) versus Alexa Bliss versus Asuka

RAW Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks (c) versus Bayley

Mickie James versus Nikki Bella

Charlotte versus Nia Jax

Sasha versus Bayley doesn’t need the Rumble and can set itself up, while Becky Lynch has to be included in the WrestleMania match, so putting the title back on her at the pay-per-view before Mania gets her in there while keeping Bliss in the picture. The two mid-card women’s feuds will probably be on the pre-show, but should both still happen at the event. Have Charlotte begin to lean more towards being a tweener, but put Jax over.

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