How UFC Has Killed My Love For MMA


The idea of the Camel Clutch Blog has never been about pro wrestling and MMA. I wanted to have a platform to write about whatever I (or others) enjoyed. Unfortunately if you are a UFC fan than you will probably see less MMA blogs from me and that is not by accident.

[adinserter block=”1″]I have been an MMA fan since I first got my hands on UWF tapes as a teenager. Yes I know it was a work but it laid the groundwork for me and helped cultivate a love of Mixed Martial Arts. Then there was Pancrase, UWFI, and eventually the UFC made its way to pay per view. It wasn’t pretty but I was hooked immediately on UFC 1.

I loved the UFC, especially the characters that developed early on such as Tank Abbott, Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, Royce Gracie, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Maurice Smith, Mark Coleman, Marco Ruas, etc. As the UFC grew I couldn’t get enough of it. At one point I found the UFC taking the top spot among my favorite past times over NFL football, boxing, and of course WWE wrestling.

I was bummed when Pride FC went down as I loved having an alternative to the UFC. I picked up Strikeforce and found myself enjoying more Strikeforce shows than UFC shows. Between Strikeforce and the UFC I couldn’t get enough MMA, or so I thought. The last couple of years have proven different.

I am at the point now where I am ready to turn off MMA altogether. I have just become genuinely disinterested and uninspired by the UFC in 2013. A big part of that is the UFC in 2012. There are only so many times where you can be played for a fool before you have to look yourself in the mirror and either embrace the fool or have some pride. I’m tired of playing the fool.

Over the last 12-14 months the UFC has done a wonderful job of killing my love for MMA. The amount of cards make it almost impossible to follow the company anymore. I loved boxing as a kid but I only got up for the big fights every few months. As much as I loved boxing I never sat around watching Friday Night Fights. The UFC has turned into Friday Night Fights.

With the over abundance of cards comes an over abundance of fighters. They are all generally the same. The wrestling fan in me looks for the guys with character or personality. I can count on one hand those fighters in the UFC. How can I be personally invested in a fight where I could not care less who wins or loses? Welcome to the UFC in 2013 and a look back at 2012.

The cards are also stacked with the lighter weight classes. I grew up enjoying the heavyweights as a boxing fan. I never enjoyed the speed and science of the lighter fighters. With all due respect I want to see heavy strikes and KO’s. The UFC generally loads their cards up with lighter fighters with maybe one-three fights (if you are lucky) at light heavyweight and above. To me and I know I’ll get slammed from the hardcore fight fans for saying this, you’ve seen one lighter weight bout you’ve seen them all.

The UFC president has said on several occasions that if I don’t like the fights, don’t “watch the f*cking fights.” I find myself taking him up on this more and more.

The personal investment in sports always pays off with a title game or playoff. Not in the UFC. The UFC continued to insult the intelligence of its fans last year through the present by booking title fights with guys (and girl) undeserving of title shots, passing over the rightful contenders in favor of draws. I get it, it’s a business, but what is the point of rooting for anyone in a fight if a win or loss really doesn’t matter? At some point something has to give. That would be like the NFL promoting the Giants vs. Cowboys to the Super Bowl because they are the best drawing teams. I’m all for it once in awhile if there is a good grudge to justify it, but it’s gotten absolutely ridiculous.

UFC president Dana White almost pushed Rashad Evans straight to Anderson Silva few months back. White said that a win by Rashad Evans over Lil Nog at UFC 156 could have put him at the top of the line to fight Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title. After going on national television and proclaiming Lyoto Machida the number one contender last year it appears that Alexander Gustaffson is next in line. I suppose Gus is much better than the plan White would have preferred which was to shoot Daniel Cormier to the front of the light heavyweight line without a fight in the division. Keep in mind that the idea is on the table for Cormier to get a title shot…if he beats heavyweight Roy Nelson who is coming off of a loss. Anthony Pettis would have gotten Korean Zombie’s crack at Jose Aldo if he didn’t get hurt and of course there is the Miesha Tate situation.

I’m done! I mean really, I’m done. There’s a point where you have to decide whether you are a fool or you have some pride, and I have a lot more pride than being taken for a moron. I can understand deviating from sport on rare occasions in favor of entertainment but what is the point of a fight anymore if the result means nothing in the rankings?

The UFC have a rankings system they have developed with fight metric. That is all well in good but I don’t need a writer from ESPN to tell me who the number one contender is. I can watch the fights and see for myself. Some of the rankings are actually quite funny. The kicker to all of this is that Dana said that even with the rankings in place they will make the fights they want to make. In other words, they are irrelevant.

[adinserter block=”2″]Finally and probably most responsible is Dana White. I can’t think of a more unlikable person in sports period. The man makes it harder and harder to root for the UFC every day. The man insults his audience weekly with his childish rants, ridiculous statements, insulting tweets, and the continued lies. It amazes me, flat out amazes me the free pass he gets from the MMA media. He’ll tell you one day that a fight is never happening while telling you the next day it’s signed. He’ll tell you one day that they have a fight booked and tell you the next day it’s nowhere close to happening. Silva vs. Jones or GSP anyone? He spent a week ranting about banning a fighter’s own father from cornering him in fights. I have just gotten to the point where I can’t justify supporting a product and putting any more money behind this man’s company. Is he any worse than Vince McMahon or Roger Goodell? Probably not, but they aren’t giving me the middle finger daily in the media or in social media.

So if you start to see less MMA and UFC blogs coming from me, now you know. As a business owner it probably isn’t the best decision since the blogs do a lot of traffic but I can’t write about what I have no passion about. I’ll still be putting up show previews and recaps for the fans that enjoy those blogs. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon whether you are enjoy my musings) they probably won’t be coming from me.

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  1. i always sit down to watch ufc then change it quickly because it is so boring, or i dvr it and fast forward most of it to hopefully see some action in stead of a little dude racing around or some douche wrestling

      • What an insightful comment. First of all there is nothing criminal about posting stupid comments, so right there you are a moron.

        Check out the ratings and buyrates in awhile? I am not the only one who feels this way.


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