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How to Transfer GTA 5 Save Data from PS4 to PS5: Online and Single Player

You look like you struggle with simple tasks”.

No, no, I didn’t mean you, I was just quoting Trevor Philips. Anyways, since you are here then that means you just brought a brand new PS5 home and now you might be planning to replace the good old PS4 and transfer all the data from the oldie to the new PS5.

But you are now stuck, as you have no idea how to transfer your saved progress in your favorite game GTA V from your PS4 to PS5. Well, that is why you are here right? No? You are just browsing? Well, anyways here is how you can transfer your saved progress.

Before we start, it is important to know that there are two types of saved progress of your game, one is from playing in single-player mode and one is from online mode and we tell you how to transfer data in both cases.

How to Transfer Save Data for Single Player Mode?

Here we tell you how to transfer your saved game progress in GTA V single-player mode:

Uploading PS4 Save Data

Load GTA V single-player mode and once you are in control of any one of the characters among Trevor, Franklin, or Michael, go-to options. Scroll down till you find Game, click on it and choose Upload Save Game.

After clicking, you will see a list of all the saves you currently have in your game and you will be prompted to choose one of them. It is suggested you choose your most recent save to resume your game on the PS5 at the latest. After upload, the save game will stay on Rockstar’s sever for 90 days.

Downloading on PS5

Open GTA 5 on your PS5 and go to the Story tab and choose the Resume Story option. There you will see the Download Save Game Data option so click on it and confirm if it is the same game progress you uploaded from your PS4 and then download it.

How to Transfer Character in GTA Online?

This is for players who want to transfer their GTA Online character from PS4 to PS5:

Open GTA V on your PS4 and go to the Online tab in the main menu. If you have a character in online mode, then you will see the option Migrate Profile which will also show your recent stats and last login date.

Once you select that profile, an alert box will pop up which will tell you that once you migrate, you won’t be able to play GTA Online on PS4 with that character. Accept it if you want to proceed and the process will be finished.

Now open GTA Online in PS5 and download your migrate profile and you can pick from where you left off in the game.



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