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How to Remove Filters from Tiktok Video?

Filters play an important role in any kind of short video. Tiktok offers a ton of filters that can be applied and make the video more attractive. You can easily add numerous filters to your Tiktok video. But, does this work vice versa? Could you remove the Filter from Tiktok Video?

Filters are usually placed on the Tiktok Videos, and at times you’ll want to see the real footage without the filters. You may want to get rid of the filters of Tiktok, either from your video or someone else’s. Read the complete article to clear all your doubts.

In this article, we’ll discuss How to Remove Filters from Tiktok Video?

Why do you want to Remove Filters from Tiktok Videos?

In recent weeks, the concept of changing and removing filters from a TikTok video has gone widespread across numerous platforms. The popularity of the Rotoscope and Red Silhouette filters, both of which convert the user into a silhouette of some sort, has made people want to remove these filters.

People started searching over the internet to remove these filters. Removing these filters will let the user know the real video behind it. This in turn reveals the real character behind the TikTok video. People started to search the methods to remove these filters from such TikTok videos. But is it really possible? Read to find out.

Is it possible to Remove Filters from Tiktok Video?

Simply put, the answer is NO. TikTok does not allow you to remove a filter or effect from a video that someone else has posted. There is no way to alter the original clip; you can only watch it as-is. There’s no way to see what’s behind the filter, effect, or sticker, so you can’t even see what’s in the video itself.

If you want to remove any filter from a TikTok video that has been already posted, then you are out of luck as this is not possible.

You can, however, remove or change the filter of any TikTok video that you have saved in the draft. The filter of any uploaded video cannot be removed.

Can You Remove Tiktok Filter by Any App?

Again, the answer remains the same i.e. NO. There are no such apps that will help you to accomplish this target. If someone claims that he can remove such filters, he is either lying or playing a prank on you. You don’t need to believe anything of such sort.

Actually, TikTok will not allow doing such a thing. This will defeat the purpose of such a filter of being anonymous. So, don’t waste your time on this.

How to Remove Filters From Your Tiktok Videos?

Yes, you can remove filters from your TikTok videos. Now, you must be wondering what’s the difference. Once the video is posted, there is no coming back. You can’t edit or change anything after posting the videos. On the other hand, if the videos are still in the draft folder, they can be altered anytime.

You can change your filter or color while the video is in draft or after recording the video. We have discussed the process of both scenarios in detail.

How to Remove From Tiktok Drafts?

If your video is in the draft folder, you can follow the below steps to remove filters in Tiktok Videos.

  • On your smartphone, open the Tiktok App.
  • On the bottom right corner, you’ll see the profile option. Tap on it.
  • In the profiles options, tap on Drafts and choose the video from which you want to remove the filter.
  • On the top-left side of the screen, tap on the ‘Back’ button.
  • Now, you are in the editing mode of the video. Tap on the ‘Effect’ button.
  • You’ll notice a undo button on the right-button side of the screen. Tap on it. This will remove the last filter you applied. If you have applied multiple filters, then you have to tap the undo button multiple times to get back to the original form of the video.
  • After completing the procedure, tap on “Next” to proceed.
  • On the next page, select “None” to remove any filter that has been applied to the video.
  • Finally, tap on the ‘Save’ button to save the original video.

How to Remove Filters on TikTok After Recording it?

Tiktok automatically applies some filters after the video has been recorded. To remove those filters and make the video completely raw, you need to follow the below steps.

  • On your smartphone, open the Tiktok App.
  • Tap on the ‘Plus’ button at the bottom of the screen.
  • From the left side of the editing option, select the ‘Filters’ button.
  • Tap on ‘Portrait > Normal’.
  • Next, tap on “Effect” and set it to ‘None’.
  • Next, tap on “Beautify” and set it to Zero.
  • Now, you have disabled any kind of filter on your video.

You may now begin filming your video without the need for any additional filters. You’ll be able to see what the real video is. Filters and effects aren’t always necessary to reveal what’s genuine.

That’s all with the tutorial. To conclude, there’s no way you can remove filters from Tiktok videos. If you’ve been considering it, that’s a piece of bad news for you. Only your own videos’ filters may be removed.



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