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How To Have A Tudorific Halloween

Maid Marion Designer Collection Adult CostumeIf you’re a huge history geek and want to re-enact one of history’s most dramatic periods, I have compiled excellent resources to bring Henry VIII and his Six Wives back to life this Halloween. Whether you want to be the steely Catherine of Aragon, the fiery Anne Boleyn or the doomed Catherine Howard, with this handy guide you’ll be the most dashing-and historically accurate-guest at any Halloween celebration!

Catherine Of Aragon
If you want to dress as Henry’s first wife or you’re just a huge fan of Marie Doyle Kennedy’s portrayal of her on “The Tudors”, here you’ll just what you need to be the devout Spanish Queen:

Pearl Headband Set
Onyx Pendant
Silver Pearl Earrings

Anne Boleyn
Queen Anne Boleyn was a fiery, independent, out-spoken woman who was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I and wrongfully executed due to court politics. If the “black-eyed witch” intrigues you, these ornaments will help make your costume authentic and give a touch of Boleyn magic:

Gold B necklace
Diamond Earrings

Jane Seymour
The mother of Edward IV and Henry’s third Queen, the gentle Jane brought the Tudor family together and was said to be Henry’s favorite wife. If you want to go as the demure Jane Seymour, these are the items you’ll need:

Pink Marble Necklace
Sunburst earrings

Anne of Cleves
The German Queen from Cleves was Henry’s fourth wife and luckily survived thanks to her good sense. After her divorce from the King, she became like his adopted sister and a close confidant to the future Queen Elizabeth I. Bring Anne of Cleves back to life for one Halloween night with these jewels:

Gemstone necklace

Pearl earrings

Kathryn Howard
The doomed fifth Queen of Henry VIII was executed for adultury with Thomas Culpepper. She was an accomplished dancer and singer; a Tudor-era glamour girl. If you want to re-create the tragic Queen, here’s what you’ll need:
Moonstone necklace
Moonstone earrings

Katherine Parr
The last Queen, Katharine Parr was a devout Lutheran and an inspiration to her stepdaughter, the future Queen Elizabeth I. She outlived Henry VIII and died giving birth to her daughter with her new husband, Thomas Seymour. Bring the intelligent and calming Queen to life this Halloween with her jewels:
Sapphire Pearl necklace
Sapphire earrings

Princess Mary Tudor:

Destined to become the last Catholic Queen of England, this tragic Queen was the daughter of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII. She married Philip of Spain, and was a much-unloved ruler. But once upon a time, she was a beautiful princess before her heart was broken.

Black Stone Headband
Black Diamond necklace
Black Diamond earrings

Princess Elizabeth Tudor

Queen Elizabeth I brought about a Golden Age, but before she was a bright and glorious Queen, she was the looked-down upon daughter of Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn.

Pearl Quartz Necklace
Pearl Quartz Earrings

King Henry VIII

Bring all the might and terror of one of the most famous kings of England to ever reign this Halloween with these accoutrements.
Silver Brooch
Ruby Ring

Now, if you want to find gorgeous costumes from the affordable to the high-end, custom-made, the following items are some of the best of the internet.

Costumes for Women

French Hood
White Renaissance Gown
SCA Custome Tudor Gown
Maid Marion Costume
Anne Boleyn Costume
Renaissance Lady
The Marquess of Pembroke Dress
Value Tudor Gown
Celebration Dress
Blue Embroiderd Sunburst Dress

Costumes for Men:
Medieval Doublet
Green Tudor Outfit
Henry VIII deluxe costume
Custom-made doublet
Red and Gold Doublet
Renaissance Nobleman

Renaissance Nobleman Hunting Outfit

Noble Knight Costume

Noble King Adult Costume

Henry VIII Value Costume

Have a happy and historical Halloween shopping experience!

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