How to Book the WWE Divas Division for Hell in a Cell

Nikki vs. Charlotte

As we approach Hell in a Cell it’s time WWE got creative with how they book the Divas in order to generate serious interest in the women’s division. Raw and Smackdown have done a decent job of initiating that with Paige turning heel, but it’s crucial that they get the rivalries right heading into the pay-per-view and they should not go down the obvious route of having Charlotte vs Paige straight away as they should take their time developing these feuds.

Breaking it down show by show, this is how I would book the divas for the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.


The first thing that needs to be done is settling the Divas Championship match for Hell in a Cell. Nikki Bella obviously has to be a part of the match as she has her rematch clause to activate. However, nobody wants to see Charlotte vs Nikki Bella again so they’ll need to up the ante.

On this first Raw on the road to Hell in a Cell, announce Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks in a number one contenders match for the Divas Title. The winner will be added to the match at Hell in a Cell, making it a triple threat match. Why Becky and not Paige? Because this will lead to a better storyline, read on.

From there, the first Divas match of the night should transpire and it should be Nikki Bella vs Natalya, with Team Bella at ringside. In a virtually identical situation to the previous week, Nikki Bella defeats Natalya, with the help of Brie and Fox, showing that to survive in this Divas Revolution you need strength in numbers and making Natalya want to align herself with someone.

Next up is a backstage segment with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Becky is asked whether winning this number one contenders match would put a strain on her friendship and alliance with Charlotte. Becky and Charlotte agree that at Hell in a Cell, the title is the priority and they’ll go their hardest and let the better woman win, but they’ll still be friends afterwards. Becky mentions that they value each other’s friendship, unlike a certain other raven-haired woman.

[adinserter block=”1″]So the match between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch begins. These two girls should be given plenty of time to show what they’re capable of. Becky, in particular, needs a showcase match on the main roster to show the expanded crowd what she can do. During the match, Team BAD and Charlotte must all be ejected from ringside by the official, to make this a truly one on one match… for the time being. The match goes on and Sasha puts Becky in the Bank Statement but Becky is able to get to the ropes. They go back and forth before Becky hits that suplex she used to win the match at SummerSlam. Just as she does, Paige’s music hits and she canters down the ramp. You know where this is going from here. Paige comes down, Becky is distracted and Sasha rolls her up winning the match and extending her undefeated streak on Raw. After the match, Paige superkicks Becky, picks up a microphone and simply says. “I told you Becky, you’re just not good enough to be champion.”


Keep SmackDown simple and focused on the Divas Championship match.

Nikki Bella comes to the ring and is upset that she doesn’t get a singles match for her rematch. Sasha Banks cuts her off and tells her that nobody gives a damn about the Bella’s anymore and that this is her time. She brings up that Paige called Charlotte a placeholder champion and says that Charlotte is just keeping the title warm for The Boss. Charlotte comes out, picks up a microphone, drops it, spears Sasha and goes after Nikki who scurries out of the ring.


It’s announced early in the show that Charlotte and Becky Lynch will be teaming up to face Tamina and Naomi later in the night.
We then come to a backstage segment with Charlotte where she’s alone and talking about her title match. She’s ambushed by Sasha Banks who attacks her from behind, getting revenge for the spear from SmackDown.

Team BAD come to the ring, Sasha Banks goes on commentary while Naomi and Tamina get in the ring. Becky comes out, alone, looking distinctly angry. Becky tells the ref she wants the match to continue and doesn’t care if it’s a handicap match. Just as the match is about to start, Natalya’s music hits and she comes to the ring and sides with Becky.

The match goes on in a pretty standard tag format, Tamina and Naomi beat down Becky who looks to tag in Natalya. Becky eventually shakes off Naomi, makes it to her corner, but then Natalya jumps off the ring-apron and walks off, shaking her head. Becky rolls out of the ring, shocked and we go to commercial.

No distraction loss, the match continues as essentially a handicap match, but Becky somehow gets the upper hand and rolls up Tamina for the win. This shows the crowd that she has plenty of heart. She grabs a microphone and calls Paige out, saying that she wants to show her she’s championship material and kick her ass in the process. Paige comes out, but stays on the ramp. Natalya then comes out and stands with Paige. Paige waves and smiles, her music hits and the two walk back out.


Paige and Natalya come out and Natalya explains why she sided with Paige. She says that Paige was right all along, that she had become irrelevant and it was time to make a stand and she did that when she abandoned Becky. Natalya goes on to say that she respects Becky and Charlotte, but there was only one person who is honest enough to get the best out of her at this stage of her career and that’s Paige.

Charlotte and Becky come out and Becky challenges Paige for a match, but Paige declines, saying she’s only interested in the Divas Championship. Stephanie McMahon comes out and makes Charlotte vs Natalya for tonight and Paige vs Becky for Raw the next week.
Charlotte vs Natalya ends in a clean victory for Charlotte while Becky beats up Paige who tries to interfere in the match, the NXT girls stand tall to end the segment.

Also on SmackDown, Nikki Bella has a backstage segment where she talks about how the spotlight seems to be on Charlotte and Sasha going into their title match and that she’s fine with that. She knows that the two of them have so much history that they’ll tear each other apart and she’ll swoop in and regain her title.


Sasha Banks takes on Nikki Bella in a single’s match that ends with Sasha winning by disqualification after Brie gets involved. Team Bad and Team Bella brawl it out while Charlotte, on commentary picks her moment, taking both Nikki and Sasha out and standing tall.

Becky Lynch has a backstage segment with Charlotte. Becky tells Charlotte that she needs to do this alone and asks Charlotte to stay backstage. Charlotte agrees, but tells Becky that if Natalya comes out, she’s going to come too.

Becky comes to the ring first. Paige follows, alone, but comes out with a microphone. She talks about how she’s known Becky since they were young teenagers and how she’s always known that she was better. She mentions how of the ‘Four Horsewomen’ of NXT, Becky is the only one to not hold the NXT Women’s Championship and says that she’s riding the coattails of the other three and doesn’t deserve to be mentioned alongside them. Paige gets in the ring and Becky immediately takes her to ground and the two start brawling.

The brawl goes outside the ring and all around at ringside. The match never gets underway. Referees have to come out to break the two of them up. Paige laughs and continues to mock Becky as she’s dragged away.


A contract signing for the Divas Championship match is held with Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Nikki Bella all coming out alone for the signing. Sasha talks honestly about how much she wants the title, Nikki focuses on how the NXT girls don’t belong in the same ring as her. Charlotte talks about how hard she’s worked to get the title and that they’re going to have to kill her to take it from her in her first title defence. A standard contract signing brawl erupts from this and Nikki and Sasha momentarily team up and slam Charlotte through the contract signing table.

Not to mention that Divas going through tables rarely happens, so seeing it here would be a small step in slowly changing the mindset of how women are seen by fans.

[adinserter block=”2″]It’s announced later in the night that Becky Lynch vs Paige in a Lumberjill match will take place at Hell in a Cell.

Hell in a Cell:

Lumberjill Match

Paige vs Becky Lynch

Lumberjills: Natalya, Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Naomi, Tamina, Cameron, Eva Marie and Emma

Lumberjills, aside from Natalya, play little to no part in the match except for beating up Becky on occasion and stopping Paige from quitting and leaving at one point, throwing her back in the ring.

With enough time, these two girls should be able to put on a hard hitting, fast paced match of a high quality. Paige should get the win with a little help from Natalya, pinning Becky.
The feud between Paige and Becky should not end immediately. Rematches between the two should take place with both trading clean victories, but the best possible finish here is Paige, via her new alignment with Natalya, getting the victory and setting herself up as the next challenger for the title.

Divas Championship Triple Threat Match

Charlotte (c) vs Nikki Bella vs Sasha Banks

In terms of match quality, the best thing this match can do is have Nikki spend a lot of time acting like a proper heel and trying to stay out of the ring and out of the way as much possible, forcing Sasha and Charlotte almost into a one on one match. Nikki comes in and takes the ascendency at stages though.

This match should end with Nikki hitting Charlotte with that powerful forearm shot she uses, before she gets caught in the Bank Statement by Sasha. Charlotte breaks the hold at the very last second and rolls up Sasha, using that bridging pin, for the victory. Charlotte escapes with the title and Sasha stands her ground in the ring, frustrated that she was moments away from becoming the champ.

This makes the two look incredibly even, which will benefit them enormously down the line.

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