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How to Book the Three WWE Survivor Series Elimination Matches: Part 2

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WWE RAW versus SmackDown is going down at Survivor Series in three separate elimination matches. Before we get into the bouts, there will be a stipulation added to the overall result so it’s more than just brand supremacy. Vince McMahon announces that the losing team’s General Manager is FIRED. One way or another, Foley or Bryan will be outed after Survivor Series.

In part two, we will be going through the tag teams. With this essentially being a 10-man elimination match, we’re going to make it so that if one member of a team is eliminated, they both are. Just so we don’t have roughly NINETEEN eliminations. Here are the teams.

Team SmackDown

Heath Slater and Rhyno: The champions pick themselves.

The Usos: Again, too good not to be on this team.

American Alpha: As above.

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The Hype Bros: Fighting from 1-0 down, SmackDown need to be the babyface team here so these guys go in ahead of the heel teams.

Breezango: Clearly the best team out of the remaining sides and they take the final spot.

Team RAW

The New Day: Duh.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady: Duh.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson: Duh.

The Shining Stars: We’ll need a quick elimination.

Sheamus and Cesaro: Assuming they’re still together and/or the RAW Tag Team Champions.

This match can be a lot simpler than the other two and since you know that RAW aren’t going to whitewash SmackDown 2-0, it’s fair to expect they’re going to win this match and even it at 1-1, so let’s get that out of the way.

Now, have Epico start the match against Slater, but have Epico call out Rhyno. Slater shrugs his shoulders and tags in Rhyno. The Man Beast gores him and eliminates The Shining Stars immediately. Enzo and Cass get the next elimination, taking out Breezango. However, they can’t celebrate long as The Usos steal an elimination on Enzo and get rid of them. Big E then eliminates The Usos and we’re three on three. Sheamus walks out on Cesaro for whatever reason and Cesaro is eliminated by Jason Jordan. Gallows and Anderson then get rid of The Hype Bros. Slater and Rhyno eliminate The New Day making it two on one in SmackDown’s favour. Give them a strong win and have American Alpha hit Grand Amplitude on Anderson followed by a gore from Rhyno to secure a convincing win for team blue. The scores are now level at one apiece.

Elimination Order:

  1. The Shining Stars by Rhyno
  2. Breezango by Big Cass
  3. Enzo and Cass by Jimmy Uso
  4. The Usos by Big E
  5. Cesaro and Sheamus by Jason Jordan
  6. The Hype Bros by Karl Anderson
  7. The New Day by Rhyno
  8. Gallows and Anderson by Rhyno

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