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How to Book the Three WWE Survivor Series Elimination Matches: Part 1

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WWE RAW versus SmackDown is going down at Survivor Series in three separate elimination matches. Before we get into the bouts, there will be a stipulation added to the overall result so it’s more than just brand supremacy. Vince McMahon announces that the losing team’s General Manager is FIRED. One way or another, Foley or Bryan will be outed after Survivor Series.

In part one we will be breaking down the women’s bout. Obviously, this will be a five on five elimination match and that means we first need to determine the teams.

Team SmackDown

Becky Lynch: Women’s Champion so obvious inclusion.

Alexa Bliss: Been booked strong and the number one contender, another obvious pick.

Natalya: Survivor Series is in Canada, therefore you pick Natalya.

Carmella: This is the only pick I would put effort into. You can’t have Nikki and Carmella on the team together for obvious reasons so have them battle it out in a No Holds Barred match with the winner getting this spot in the team.

Naomi: The only other person not named Eva Marie on the roster.

Team RAW

Sasha Banks: Women’s Champion so obvious inclusion.

Bayley: Also picks herself.

Nia Jax: An enforcer selected by Stephanie McMahon

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Dana Brooke: Originally on the team alongside Charlotte.

Alicia Fox: Replaces Charlotte in the team after she pulls out of the match. Charlotte won’t complete for Foley unless he gives her another championship match and he holds firm. Emma could also be used here, but it might be best to save her debut for later.

So now that the teams are sorted let’s work out an elimination order. The best way to start the match is for Becky and Sasha, the two champs, to lock up and get things underway. From there, the easiest thing to do would be to eliminate Alicia Fox first up – and so we’ll do that. Get Natalya a hometown elimination and SmackDown the early lead. Naomi is next to go, eliminated by Sasha Banks. Then Alexa Bliss by Nia Jax, leaving RAW up three to four. From there, Becky Lynch eliminates Dana Brooke by submission. Next, a team elimination by Natalya, Carmella and Becky gets rid of Nia Jax. This can be done by count-out to keep her strong. Sasha then steps into the ring and it essentially becomes a one-on-one bout between the two champions. Becky gets the upper hand and eliminates Sasha with a roll-up, making it three on one. Becky turns around straight into a Bayley to Belly and is eliminated. Natalya comes in and beats down Bayley who’s facing a two on one. Natalya goes to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Bayley rolls her up and steals the elimination. This leaves Bayley versus Carmella. Bayley, exhausted, sticks her hand out to offer it to her best friend, but Carmella slaps Bayley and goes for a roll up of her own, but Bayley kicks out and it breaks down from there. Carmella, the fresher competitor, dominates the bout, but Bayley turns it around and wins with a Bayley to Belly, giving first blood to RAW and giving Bayley a breakout moment to build from.

Elimination Order:

  1. Alicia Fox by Natalya
  2. Naomi by Sasha Banks
  3. Alexa Bliss by Nia Jax
  4. Dana Brooke by Becky Lynch
  5. Nia Jax by count-out
  6. Sasha Banks by Becky Lynch
  7. Becky Lynch by Bayley
  8. Natalya by Bayley
  9. Carmella by Bayley

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