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How to Book the three WWE Survivor Series 2016 Elimination Matches: Part 3

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WWE RAW versus SmackDown is going down at Survivor Series in three separate elimination matches. Before we get into the bouts, there will be a stipulation added to the overall result so it’s more than just brand supremacy. Vince McMahon announces that the losing team’s General Manager is FIRED. One way or another, Foley or Bryan will be outed after Survivor Series.

It’s time for the deciding match. Which General Manager will be fired and which brand will hold the bragging rights. Let’s sort out the teams for the men’s singles division elimination match.

Team SmackDown

AJ Styles: The WWE World Champion is the clear first selection.

Dean Ambrose: Another obvious selection, assuming the title isn’t being defended on the card.

John Cena: Advertised for Survivor Series so we’ll lock him in this side.

Dolph Ziggler: The Intercontinental Champion and has a great Survivor Series record.

The Miz: Daniel Bryan does NOT want Miz in this team. Bryan selects Apollo Crews as the fifth person but Miz complains incessantly and holds up the show until Bryan gives him a match with Crews, the winner getting the final spot. Miz wins and joins the team.

Team RAW

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Kevin Owens: All four singles champions will be in this match.

Roman Reigns: As above. No need to have title defences on this card when there’s three elimination tag matches, Goldberg/Lesnar and probably an undercard match or two.

Chris Jericho: Stephanie McMahon has already hinted at Jericho being on the team.

Seth Rollins: Number one draft pick and an obvious choice for the team.

Rusev: SmackDown has three good guys and two bad guys so we’ll reverse it for RAW.

The amount of star-power in this match is insane and this has to main-event Survivor Series ahead of Goldberg/Lesnar. The match starts with Ziggler and Roman. They lock up and nothing happens. Ziggler backs up towards his ropes and Miz tags himself in. Miz enters the ring, taunts Roman… and then punches the referee in the face, getting himself disqualified and eliminated from the match. Miz’ whole plan was to get Daniel Bryan fired and so SmackDown are one down from the start. Ambrose steps into the ring and the match continues. Rusev is next eliminated by Cena, breaking 10 minutes without elimination. Then, Roman steps in and for the first time since The Shield split Cena and Roman are one on one in the ring. The next elimination is Dean Ambrose by Kevin Owens. Jericho hits a codebreaker on Ambrose, Owens tags himself in, frog splashes Dean and eliminates him. Jericho doesn’t stand for it, he pushes Owens and tells him off. Meanwhile, Styles rolls Owens up from behind and eliminates him. So it’s now a three on three.

AJ gets the next elimination as well, taking out Jericho with a Styles Clash. Styles himself is then eliminated by Rollins after some time. This match is going to be upwards of 45 minutes long. This leaves Cena and Ziggler versus Roman and Seth. Roman and Cena go at it again and this time, it almost becomes a singles match. The fight spills out of the ring and Reigns spears Cena through an announce table. Reigns beats the count back into the ring, but John is counted out. Roman is completely exhausted though and Ziggler superkicks him before he can make the tag, pinning Reigns. Doing it this way gives Reigns bragging rights for when you eventually want to do a Cena/Roman match. It’s now one-on-one. Ziggler versus Rollins – it’s a 2014 Survivor Series rematch. Near-fall after near-fall occurs until the unthinkable happens… the referee is knocked out. Rollins hits a Phoenix Splash on Ziggler and goes for a pin that would’ve been a three count, but the ref is down. *It’s time to play the game*. Out comes Triple H who Pedigrees the exhausted Rollins. He leaves the ring. Ziggler who was out of it instinctively covers Seth. He drops an arm over him and it’s game over. SmackDown wins.

The ramifications for this set up the next six months of WWE television. Foley is fired and Triple H inserts himself as RAW GM meaning yes, The Authority is back together and that sounds bad, BUT it’s the perfect way to end the Authority storyline that has been running since 2013. It all leads to WrestleMania 33 and Seth Rollins defeating Triple H, ‘firing’ him.

From a SmackDown side of things, it puts over the blue brand as the superior brand, which it needs. It also takes the Miz/Bryan rivalry to the next level.


  1. The Miz by deliberate count-out
  2. Rusev by John Cena
  3. Dean Ambrose by Kevin Owens
  4. Kevin Owens by AJ Styles
  5. Chris Jericho by AJ Styles
  6. AJ Styles by Seth Rollins
  7. John Cena by count-out (Reigns)
  8. Roman Reigns by Dolph Ziggler

9. Seth Rollins by Dolph Ziggler (Triple H)

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