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How to Block Someone on iPhone?

Blocking someone is required in case they are harassing you, but how does one block people from texting them when using an iPhone?

Texting has become the go-to mode when it comes to communication and Apple makes it very easy with the messaging app thanks to iMessage but sometimes it’s the communication that seems to bother people and that is why blocking is an important feature for any communication tool

Now, let’s see how we can block people on the messaging app of an iPhone.

How to Block People On iPhone’s Messaging App?

Blocking people on an iPhone is similar to android and most of the time when you block someone on the messaging app you block them on the dialer app too.

Steps To Block Someone on The Messaging App

  • You cannot block someone directly from the messaging app
  • You have to head to the phone app
  • Search for the contract
  • Once found click on the contact and scroll to the bottom
  • Once done just click on block contact and boom you are done!

The beauty is that once you block someone from the contact app you can rest assured, that they can call or text you the normal way as they are blocked for both calling and texting.

How To Block Someone on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become synonymous with texting and that is why if you don’t want someone to contact you, you ensure that you have blocked them everywhere including WhatsApp. The steps to block people on WhatsApp are similar on iOS and Android with slight variations in the process.

Blocking someone on WhatsApp is the easiest thing to do.

Steps to Block Someone on WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp on Your iPhone
  • Go to the Chat of the person you want to block

  • Open the chat and click on the contact name on top
  • This will open the details page

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select block
  • That contact is blocked.

How to Block Someone on Telegram?

Just Like WhatsApp even Telegram is pretty high on people’s list of messaging apps and that is why you also need to know how to block someone on Telegram too.

Steps to Block Someone on Telegram

  • Open Telegram on your iPhone
  • Open the chat of the contact

  • Once you do that the contact details will open
  • Once on the details page click on more and select block

  • The contact is now blocked.

Is Blocking Someone a Good Option?

Blocking someone is an extreme approach and may not always be the best option for a lot of people. When you block someone, you end up destroying that relationship in an absolute manner and that is not something that anyone should want.

Blocking people should always remain the last option in any situation!

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