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How the WWE Universe can force John Cena to turn heel

How many John Cena heel turn articles have there been? I’d guess in the thousands. Most suggest their desire for the change or hate for his current character. I have a proposal that could literally force the hand of the WWE and John Cena. How, you say? Shhhh! Crickets. Total silence. Yes, the same kind Damien Sandow demands. Before you think I’m crazy, hear me out first.

[adinserter block=”1″]Cena has practically been telling us how to do this for years now and we just won’t listen. John is after a reaction. He doesn’t care whether he blows the roof off the place while facing the biggest of heels. He doesn’t even care if he’s facing another crowd favorite and getting, “Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” chants. All he wants is the energy. I’d compare the WWE’s reaction to Superman having the sun. Without it, Superman dies, right? Well, if John gets nothing, he dies. Ok, not literally, but his character does and is almost forced into change. But we, the WWE Universe, can either be his sun, or we can be his kryptonite.

Lets’s face it. John has had the same persona for almost 9 years. It’s time for a change. My money says that John would even welcome it. The problem is that he is the golden goose. He makes more money for the company than anyone and they don’t want to mess with that. Understandable, right? That’s where we come in. Will the kids continue to buy the Fruity Pebble assortment of TShirts, wristbands, and all items Cena once the roar dims? I suggest to you that they won’t. Kids as a rule have pretty short attention spans that can be swayed quickly. Once the goose isn’t laying quite so golden an egg, change can come.

Let’s look back. When Cena was facing RVD in 2006 in a hostile ECW crowd and being heckled, he was thrilled by it. When he was in Chicago at Money in the Bank 2011 facing CM Punk and facing riots should he win, he was over the moon. And even at WrestleMania 28 in Miami facing The Rock, he was in heaven. No, not due to the results. He lost all 3 times. But the energy in the place each time was off the charts.

Last year, I was able to go to Cameron Indoor Stadium; home of the Duke Blue Devils. This is where I got the idea. Each time one of their players shoots a free throw, you can hear a pin drop. No noise in the entire arena so that their player wouldn’t be distracted. It was breathtaking to see ten thousand people in unison go completely quiet. It can be done.

It would take 1 crowd to get the ball rolling, and it would take off like wildfire. Literally, it would be an underground effort to bring about the biggest character change since Hollywood Hogan in 1996. A groundswell of epic proportions would be needed to accomplish this as the WWE certainly won’t willingly do it. But the one thing they can’t control is the response. The crowd reaction, or lack thereof, determines the fates of nearly all superstars.They make fun of crowds saying that they are puppets, and often they are. Given the right cue, crowds chant whatever is thrown to them. But if a large enough mass could literally do nothing but sit on their hands for the time Cena is out there, it would be clear what was happening. Clear to the WWE. Clear to the fans in the next arena, and it grows week by week.

The thing to remember is that it’s not too late for John Cena to change. I think back to Sting in WCW. My 13 year old son recently saw a picture of the surfer, blonde haired, brightly colored Sting and didn’t know that person. He knows the black trench coat, white face painted scorpion version. But here’s the kicker. Sting didn’t start that until he was nearly 37 years old. Sting had the surfer persona much longer than Cena has had his. In fact, Cena is still younger than that, but only by a year or two.

[adinserter block=”2″]John Cena can have another epic chapter to his career, but it needs to come before it’s too late. In 20 years, children could see this version of John Cena and not recognize him if he changed drastically enough. He won’t do it on his own. He has proven that.We can help. And so the silent wave begins.

Chris Mcleod is a lifelong fan of all things wrestling and football. He can be found at or Mcleod.

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  1. ok we get it you hate John Cena or his character but guess what? the people who count his fans do not! sure he could turn heel but just like when stone cold did it nobody liked it or bought it no matter how hard they tried. maybe when the general public gets tired of it they can try it but for the love of God until then please STOP whining and crying about it! and more importantly stop wasting space on writing articles about it. how about they make Lesnor a face and have punk go back to heyman? that would make as much sense as trying to make cena a heel.

  2. I am so sick and tired of people trying to get John Cena to turn heel. While his turn as the "Chain Gang Commander" helped him to become the Wrestling superstar he is, I don't think changing what's working is a good thing. One thing I would suggest is keeping Cena as Champion for a longer periods of time.


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