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How Sheamus’ Win Plays Right into Vince McMahon’s Plan for Roman Reigns

Could the ending of Survivor Series play right into Vince McMahon’s plan to promote Roman Reigns as the savior of WWE?

I’ll let that sit there for a moment.

WWE’s universe of fans are split on the idea of Reigns becoming the new face of the company, however the reality is many are more angered by the thought of Sheamus winning the title, aligning himself with the Authority and his cronies, Wade Barrett and Rusev.

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This may not be another Daniel Bryan-like script where the conquering hero comes in and saves the day by defeating the very faction that signs his paycheck. There is real dislike for Reigns as a champion, unlike Bryan in the past. But seriously, the thought of Sheamus holding on to the WWE World Title for any length of time infuriates fans even more.

Since McMahon still wants Reigns to become his ring leader of a new generation of wrestling fans, and with the current champion being despised like he is, it falls right into McMahon’s master plan. The mad scientist proves once again that he knows what he is talking about.

The only question to be answered then is when will Reigns reach his destiny – again?

My guess is he doesn’t win at TLC. That would be too easy. Look for Sheamus to win because the Authority gets involved and possibly look for John Cena to come in and save the day. But wait, there’s more. There are other scenarios that could be played out in Boston (at TLC) and in January at the Royal Rumble. See, this is what happens when my football team loses on a Sunday afternoon and I turn my attention to the squared circle.

What if Reigns wins the title at TLC with the help of Cena, and Cena wins the Royal Rumble, setting up the epic confrontation in Dallas? Could you see a heel turn for Reigns or a possible 16th title reign for Cena, tying Ric Flair for the most title runs of all time? That might make the most sense, but it would have to be carefully calculated because the company isn’t sure how fans will react to Cena being off dealing with other projects and leaving WWE in its time of need.

Could fans really revolt against the company cash cow? I hope so, but it isn’t likely any time soon. WWE needs Cena in the worst way and more importantly, he knows it.

What WWE needs is a mega babyface superstar not named Cena and unless Brock Lesnar or Daniel Bryan can prove they are either willing to wrestler a full schedule or are healthy enough to carry the company on their back, it isn’t happening. Reigns is the choice by hook or by crook, and there isn’t anything we can do about it now.

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Reigns must also prove that once he has the title, he can sustain momentum, sell tickets and turns back every heel in his path. He isn’t strong enough yet to do that, but he is gaining ground. He was cheered this week in his segment with Triple H, et al. The fans, given options, pick the lesser of two evils. So the company builds his momentum by putting heat on Sheamus. The threat of backlash isn’t as great and McMahon has the dominant face champion, and the character he has wanted all along.

Wrestling is at a crossroads right now. The wrong champion and the wrong hero to save the universe. When it comes right down to it, Reigns really is the lesser of two evils. And Sheamus’ title reign might prove to be a godsend after all.

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