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How I Would Book Brock Lesnar In The WWE

Brock Lesnar

Vince McMahon loves a great storyline. Wrestling fans also love a great story line. What do you get when you have under contract the world’s only former UFC and WWE heavyweight champion? A great storyline! I am going to toss my two cents in here about how I would use this rare opportunity in the form of Brock Lesnar. Whether you like the guy or not, he just might be the one to bring wrestling on an upswing once again.

[adinserter block=”2″]We all know the story of Brock. He came in to the WWE like a runaway freight train. They pushed him to the moon, and two years later he left. The failed NFL attempt, the lawsuits, the UFC. I will openly admit I watched both Wrestlemania and Raw, waiting. We knew he was coming, but when? He walked out of the back Monday night with his music playing, and Miami exploded! I have not “marked out” in quite a long time, but I did because his return was done right. He came, he f5’ed John Cena, he posed, and the screen went black. So where does Vince and the gang go from here? I would book Brock the following way, without making him just another face on the roster.

Brock Lesnar is no longer just a “sports entertainer”, he is a legit badass. The guy can take a beating, and deliver it right back. Why did he decide to come back to the WWE now? Have the guy come in as a legit threat, a guy that can really beat you up if he so chooses. Brock can say he wanted a real challenge. He can say he wants to shake things up. The WWE has great makeup artists, take advantage of it. Let Brock pop Cena a KO punch, and whip up some wonderful swelling, bruising, etc. I would have the blow off match between those two at SummerSlam. Cena knows how to wrestle, Lesnar knows how to fight. Let him show he can wrestle still, but if the referee turns away for a split second, ground and pound him. Go over on Cena, on to the next.

Do you let Brock Lesnar hold the WWE Championship? Yes, if done right. Regardless if it’s C.M. Punk, Chris Jericho, or even The Rock himself, let him be the wrecking ball we all have come to know. It doesn’t need to be a year, not even six months. Let him win it for two, maybe three months. He can say how so many people came, and failed, to stop the monster. Let Brock make his point by punishing people.

Choke someone out here, tap out to a crazy MMA move there, and of course wrestle just to show you can do it all. If you really want to make a statement, beat up the hand that feeds you around Wrestlemania season. We have all seen Stone Cold Steve Austin stunner Vince, but how surreal would it be to see The Next Big Thing pummel the day lights out of him until The Rock (who they are setting up the next Wrestlemania for Lesnar to fight) runs him off with a chair, or the whole locker room behind him. His reward? A title shot at the big one.

With a year to work with, one thing you do not want to do is have him lose before this match. Let him taunt all with his win streak. The perfect blow off to the inevitable would be for Mr. Hollywood himself to tame the giant. Have him do what he claims only he can do. Why have Brock lose on this night? He can come to Raw the next night, claim he is ashamed he lost, and have him ride off into the sunset. The dragon is slain, and all goes back to normal in happy land. I would take full advantage of this situation and run it hard. Look what it did for Punk in less than a year. He went from various angles, to the top dog just like that. The main difference of course, is Lesnar is going to go, but Punk will stay.

[adinserter block=”1″]I have watched the Lesnar return at least twenty times now. I haven’t had “the chill” in a very long time. You are going to read a lot of columns and blurbs about this whole deal the next year. Some will agree with this, some will not. Michael Cole nailed it on the head when he said the atmosphere of the entire WWE has changed. Why now? Why did Vince McMahon decide to bring him back again? The same reason he brought in Hulk Hogan over and over again. It’s good business. The man is a money tree. He is going to spike ratings once again. The wrestling world is going to watch his every move, and I will be as well.

Josh Usher has been a fan of sports and sports entertainment for over 20 years.

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  1. paul is 100% right.
    brock was not elite MMA. he got a strong push primarily based on drawing power. got some favorable matchups, it def helped being at the top end of the HW weight class, he relied heavily on amateur wrestling background, had no "sick mma moves", and once we reached the top leavel of HW fighters in the UFC went 2-3?

  2. "Why did he decide to come back to the WWE now? Have the guy come in as a legit threat, a guy that can really beat you up if he so chooses"

    The only issue with this is he came back because he was no longer a legit threat nor could he beat up anyone he chose in MMA. 

    Honestly it would have been far better had he never fought Overeem. 

    But Brock was trashed versus Carwin, beaten up by Cain and thrashed by Overeem so his aura has been stripped away. 

    I loved Brock. Few fighters made me feel that same chill before a UFC title fight but once it became clear he was all show and no go, it summarily took away that rush and joy. 

    I haven't been into wrestling in some time so maybe it's not for me but how can anyone suspend the disbelief and see Brock as the baddest man on the planet when the last 3 times he fought it was clear that was never true?

    "crazy MMA move"?

    I guess that tells me that the bulk of those popping for his return to WWE weren't watching his rise and eventual fall in UFC.

    Which would allow suspension of disbelief far easier.

    I paid 70 bucks 3 times in a row to watch him get beat up in HD.

    The craziest MMA move of all would be me tapping out my remote to pretend he is the biggest ass kicker on the planet as he runs through everyone in WWE.

    But, maybe his return is for those who only remember his WWE run and not those who witnessed him in the fetal position running away from punches.

    • You are right about the Overeem comment. If he would have retired after the Cain fight due to medical reasons, he would have been remembered a lot more fondly for his MMA career. But what you can never take away is his ability to draw fans. For a guy that was a marginal fighter he was the biggest draw in the sport. Probably something hardcore MMA/anti-Lesnar fans want to hear.

  3. Sounds great. Personally I would love to see Lesnar win both the WWE and World Championships. It's time to unify the belts, and I can't think of anyone better to do that than Lesnar.


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