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How Dolph Ziggler should be headlining WWE Wrestlemania 28 – Inside The Wheelhouse

Dolph ZigglerI’ll start off this blog using an analogy for all you Football fans out there and tie it back into the great world of wrestling. Remember all last month how we kept hearing about the New York Giants peaking at the right time? Well if you can transcend that theory into wrestling then it’s safe to say that Dolph Ziggler peaked at the wrong time in the WWE.

Now how can that be? How can a wrestler be peaking at the wrong time? At any moment a wrestler peaking to his full potential or even beyond it is a good thing, right? Well, not if you are peaking right around Wrestlemania season.

[ad 6]Dolph Ziggler has been on a roll lately and has become one of the most entertaining heels in the WWE the last four months or so. I believe this rise to fame really started back at Survivor Series 2011 in Madison Square Garden where he pulled double duty (for another PPV) in-front of a very appreciative MSG crowd. Let’s face it, if the MSG puts you over then you are looked at pretty good in the eyes of Vince McMahon.

For the entire history of the WWE they have used MSG as their barometer of how to notice a talent. Dolph Ziggler was appreciated by the fans in attendance in MSG and since then he really hasn’t looked back since. I guess it is true “if you can make there, you can make it anywhere.”

During that time he did lose to Zack Ryder but we all knew that if it was going to happen it would make room for Ziggler to be elevated even more and it did as he went into the WWE Championship picture on RAW. He would go over on Punk four times over the course of build-up to the Royal Rumble match and was looking like a legit WWE Championship threat. But really got me thinking during this time wasn’t that Ziggler was getting his chance in the WWE, but that it was happening at the wrong time.

Rewind the climb to the top for Dolph Ziggler back to like Summerslam/Night of Champions time period. He would have the same respectful rise in the eyes of the fans, despite being a heel, but his feud with the WWE Championship would be brief leaving the door open for something eventually to happen in his career. Solid wins and a continued build up closing out the year 2011 would leave us with the Royal Rumble time & a prediction that would’ve been just as similar to that of last year’s winner, Alberto Del Rio.

Heading into last year’s Royal Rumble Alberto Del Rio was the clear-cut favorite for all the die-hard wrestling fans of the world. It wasn’t a case of face vs. heel, it was a case of the future of the business and knowing that soon enough Alberto Del Rio could be that top entertaining heel to match the faces of the present WWE. That same feeling is one that fans of started to have for Dolph Ziggler the past couple of months.

But that won’t be happening for Dolph Ziggler as he has peaked at the wrong time this year. Instead of headlining Wrestlemania 28 he will probably be secluded to a match like “Money in the Bank.” Which if he wins and cashes in that night at Wrestlemania will be pretty awesome, but I don’t see that happening just yet.

Ziggler has had his ups and downs (Sprit Squad, Kerwin White’s caddy & de-push in 2011 after World Title match vs. Edge at Royal Rumble) throughout his career & despite the current push he has received in recent months it can be chalked up as the right guy, wrong time, type of scenario.

Dolph Ziggler should be in that role that Alberto Del Rio was in last year. As he is a heel on the verge of becoming a top star in the company and in a Wrestlemania Championship main event match. But he won’t be on Wrestlemania Sunday and that is a shame. While he may not be headlining Wrestlemania 28, I fully expect him to be in the main event mix for Wrestlemania 29 next year.

[adinserter block=”1″]The star is certainly bright for Dolph Ziggler and it will only be a matter of time he is the top heel in the WWE. What the WWE is waiting for I’ll never know. While it may be the wrong time for Ziggler, he is for sure still the right guy.

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