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How Do You Turn off 5G in iPhone 13?

5G is the new in-thing in the smartphone industry and that makes it a lucrative feature to include in their devices even Apple has followed suit there. However, 5G is a huge battery hog and has been destroying a lot of people’s batteries over time.

So, we decided to make a guide to help you switch off your 5G to help save you tones of battery without compromising on any major functionality. Moreover, 5G is yet not available everywhere so wasting your battery making your smartphone search for a signal is not advisable.

So, let’s check out how you can turn off 5G to save battery on iPhone 13.

How To Turn Off 5G On iPhone 13?

Turning off 5G has become an important task for everyone who has updated to 15.4 as the iPhones have started taking a hit when it comes to battery performance. It is considerably easy to turn off 5G in iPhones but there are a lot of settings pages you need to scour for the same.

  • Open the Settings App on your iPhone
  • Tap on Mobile
  • Go to Mobile Data Options
  • Tap on Voice and Data

  • Select 4G or LTE
  • You can also set the option to 5G auto to ensure that the phone automatically switches between 5G and 4G

Should One Turn Off 5G

One must understand that 5G is a very experimental network type, even with progress. People have reported 5G signals to be at times worse than 4G when it comes to actual internet speeds. 5G is also very thermal intensive and can make your phone uncomfortably warm very soon.

5G is not as efficient with the range as 4G was and even with the slightest barrier a 5G signal becomes really bad. 5G starts to really underperform as soon as there is a slight loss in signal. This means that if you do not have a good 5G range near you, your phone will keep losing battery and heating up in search of a better signal.

Is 5G Unsafe?

There are certain worries when it comes to 5G. In the USA there is a strong protest against 5G due to some research that shows that 5G towers may interfere with flight systems on commercial flights. However, there is no actual proven science that 5G is harmful to flights and can cause crashes. Moreover, in Europe, the 5G rollout has begun and there have been no issues with flights till now!

5G is yet to reach its pinnacle

5G rollout has started but it is yet to become as stable as 4G is all across the globe. Hence, it is recommended to use 4G till 5G becomes more stable and prevalent. This will ensure that you never waste your battery for no reason.

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