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How Brock Lesnar Almost Screwed The UFC

Brock Lesnar UFCWhile the UFC lost its top draw Saturday night, the news may not be all that bad. Brock Lesnar reportedly planned to win the UFC title, leave the UFC, & return to the WWE thus screwing the UFC and Dana White if things played out as planned.

Brock Lesnar made the announcement following his loss in the octagon. MMA & pro wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer brought the story to light on his F4WOnline.com post-UFC 141 podcast. The UFC avoided a potential disaster which could have seen their world champion retire and jump back into the WWE pro wrestling rings with the belt, leaving the UFC with no champion and a huge blow to the credibility of its fighters.

[ad 6]According to Brock’s speech, Brock was planning to retire one way or the other in his next two fights. Brock said that he promised his family that if he lost at UFC 141 that he would retire. He also promised his family that he would retire win or lose in his next fight, which would have been for the UFC heavyweight championship. Following his retirement Dave speculated that Brock’s plan would have been to return to pro wrestling part time, thus giving Vince McMahon the opportunity to promote the retired UFC heavyweight champion however he would want.

Keep in mind what I am actually saying here. I am not saying that Brock would appear on RAW the next night as UFC (retired) champion. What I am saying is that Brock’s plan was to make sporadic (maybe even just one) appearances with the WWE in the future. Contractually there is no way that this would have happened immediately. But at some point something would have to give and whether it be a year, two years, three years, he could have gotten back into the ring as the unbeaten UFC champion.

This is a big story that due to the holiday weekend, has not really played out yet in the press. The idea of a UFC fighter as big as Brock Lesnar retiring as champion and jumping back into pro wrestling as the retired champion who never lost is something that could have been devastating to the UFC.

I am not one to normally defend Dana White but this was a blatant attempt to bite the hand that fed him. If not for White, Lesnar would not have made the money he has made and gotten the opportunities he has been afforded since leaving professional wrestling. Is it a dog eat dog world when it comes to promoting and fighting, yes. But in Brock’s case, there was absolutely no shred of loyalty in his master plan when it comes to paying back the UFC and doing what is right for business.

Now that said, Randy Couture pulled something even more egregious several years ago when he won the UFC heavyweight title and he is still greatly respected among MMA fans. Couture won the championship and tried to hold the UFC up for more money in exchange for not jumping to a rival MMA promotion as champion. The only reason none of that ever happened is because the UFC had Couture locked into an iron clad contract. Most MMA fans have buried this memory but it is obvious with the little promotion the UFC has given Couture since retiring that Dana White and the Fertitta brothers haven’t forgotten the attempted extortion.

[adinserter block=”1″]This could put any plans that Brock has at appearing on WrestleMania 28 or any WWE show in the near future in grave jeopardy. Retirement or not, Brock is still under a long contract with the UFC. Meltzer reported that Brock, the WWE, and the UFC could come to some kind of a buyout but at the end of the day, the UFC can squat on Lesnar’s rights until the contract runs out if they prefer to play hardball. According to Meltzer, Dana White is not happy about this latest revelation and getting Brock out of his UFC deal could become more difficult than most assume.

In the end should anyone really be surprised at this story? This is the same guy that retired from pro wrestling after being pushed as a megastar and didn’t do the right thing on the way out. A bit of irony isn’t it?

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  1. I think you're looking at this very unprofessionally. A contract was agreed upon by both Lesnar & the UFC. If Lesnar choses to retire from the UFC, champion or not, as long as he does it honoring the terms of his contract, that's all anyone would expect. Lesnar coming to the UFC, fighting his fights, potentially becoming the UFC champ, THATS what the UFC paid him for, not some sort of life-long loyalty (again, these are professionals). He delivered this more than any other fighter that was ever brought in from other promotions. Him becoming the champ, holding the title for a while and retiring as champ would not have harmed the UFC, it would have brought even more spotlight than he already did. And if he would have the opportunity to perform in the WWE again in the future, after the terms in his contract expire (or if an agreement could be reached), why would the UFC mind that he puts the spotlight on his UFC history while doing so?

  2. I don't like the whole 'blow to the credibility of MMA and its fighters' i respect every MMA fighter, but what should also be respected is the WWE superstars, jobbers and legends abilities to take punishment. I know how much a Kimura hurts, I also know how much a figure four leg lock and falling off of a ladder hurts.

  3. I'm laughing so hard right now. I could see Brock Lesnar actually doing that, which would honestly be a really cool controversial move, something Vince McMahon would love and gloat about for ages. Imagine that awkward lunch date between McMahon and White?

    "Remember when your champion retired and jump shipped to my show? Fun times" haha.

    But Brock honestly doesn't seem to care about what he does, he just thinks in the moment. thats why it's funny to know he was going to do jumpship

  4. Does it really matter anymore? From things I've been reading about Brock over the past few years was that he wasn't getting along with other fighters. But oh well, he showed up in the WWE RAW episode (April 2, 2012) at the end of the show and slammed Cena down to the mat. So there you have it, whether he's there to stay or not, who knows and quite frankly, who cares.

  5. Dana white has stated that if …and if Brock went to WWE they would work something out. He also stated that he would never prevent Brock from making money no matter what. So if Brock went to WWE it would be ok with Dana white as long as they got a cut.

  6. Seeing as Lesnar and Lashley came from wrestling, and Shamrock dabbled in it, I would assume that the champion clause or any term of 'garden leave' would include 'sports' entertainment as well as other combat sports.

    Diaz also seemed set to go from being the Strikeforce champ straight into a boxing deal. But my guess with this would be that the Strikeforce contracts/lawyers aren't as protectative as they probably should have been. We all know that their deals weren't exclusive (Overeem/Kharitonov in K1/Boxing).

  7. 'but nobody really knows how pro wrestling would be interpreted in court'

    So Lesnar either sits on the shelf for a year or goes through lengthy legal proceedings?

    The contract is structured to protect the UFC and I can't see how any of this would 'screw' them.

    Let's face it: guys who are far more intelligent than us are getting paid far more than us to prevent exactly the scenario you wrote about.

    • You would think so, but keep in mind that the WWE tried to prevent Lesnar legally from going into MMA. While the case was settled out of court, it appeared that Lesnar was about to win after a lengthy legal fight.

  8. I didn't say it, I quoted it.

    Are you trying to tell me that Lesnar was not one of Zuffa's 'top fighters'?

    Do I assume that Lesnar's contract would be as solid as Zuffa could make it? Sure I do. To think a former champ wouldn't have a champion clause in his contract is lunacy.

    Now you acknowledged some of the basic facts: How does your hypothetical situation 'screw' the UFC?

    • As for the contract, how does pro wrestling play into it? What would happen if Lesnar challenged it in court? No way would he be able to fight elsewhere, but could they really stop a retired fighter from taking an acting gig? Maybe they can, maybe they can't, but nobody really knows how pro wrestling would be interpreted in court.

      ONCE AGAIN I didn't report the story, just merely commented on it. I think I made it pretty clear that this was certainly not a guarantee should Lesnar have won the title.

      • Sitting on the shelf or going through lengthy legal proceedings BEFORE being able to perform in the WWE doesn't 'screw' the UFC does it?

        The fact is that the probable structure of his contract protects the UFC from being 'screwed'.

        There are likely far more intelligent guys than you or I getting paid far more than you or I to prevent the situation you wrote about from being a reality.

        • Speak for yourself…just kidding!

          I agree and I agree that it would have been near impossible to pull off. It still doesn't change the fact that he would have tried, which is all I was trying to point out.

          Would be interested to know going forward or even currently if they mention professional wrestling in their contracts. Have no idea, but it would have been an interesting case to watch.

          • Seeing as Lesnar and Lashley came from wrestling, and Shamrock dabbled in it, I would assume that the champion clause or any term of 'garden leave' would include 'sports' entertainment as well as other combat sports.

            What is interesting is that there didn't seem to be any impediment to Nick Diaz's intention to transfer into pro-boxing while still the Strikeforce champion. I would think that the Strikeforce contracts (which he would have been tied to at the time) are not as tight as the Zuffa ones in regards to the champion clause (we all know their contracts were not exclusive e.g Overeem, Kharitonov).

  9. 'For all practical purposes, sub clause (i) allows Zuffa to retain the rights to a retired fighter in perpetuity. Sherdog.com has confirmed that this clause does not appear in every Zuffa contract; it is believed to be reserved for top fighters.'

    Here is something I found by doing research from a real MMA journalism site. Yet another reason your hypothetical article is impossible. Maybe you want to use those newly developed dictionary skills to look up the word 'perpetuity'?

    • You just said yourself that the clause does not appear in every Zuffa contract. Who knows if it was in Brock's or not? You are making an assumption. I have also said numerous times that this was not a given. This was the plan, whether it came to fruition or not is something none of us will ever know.

      Once AGAIN all I am doing is reprinting something that Brock Lesnar said himself about retiring. Does he plan on wrestling again, even just once? Yes. Was he planning to retire win or lose against the champion? Yes. Could he wrestle again legally? No idea. All I am saying here is that this was his plan as per what he said and Dave Meltzer reported. Take this up with Dave Meltzer who offered this scenario. I am not the one breaking this story or reporting it. I am simply a blogger who is offering commentary on it.

  10. 'What I am saying is that Brock would retire the champion (WHO NEVER LOST THE BELT)'

    Yep. That's really clear from the quoted sentence. Perhaps 'who never DEFENDED the belt' would have been more appropriate?

    I'm sorry that your well thought out hypothetical situation is entirely impossible. A good writer always fits the facts around his conclusion, not the other way round. But I don't need to tell you that, do I?

    • Oh please, now you are going to give a lesson on writing? Maybe I should give you a lesson on reading. Could the UFC stop Brock from wrestling for the WWE in 2, 3 years if he is retired? I don't know if they can, neither do you, but Brock was sure going to try and find out.

      Stay off my lawn!

      • I am done with this same tired argument. I'd be happy to approve comments that bring up a new point whether you disagree or agree, but I am not going to sit around all day fighting with simple minded fanboys.

  11. 'What I am saying is that Brock would retire the champion (WHO NEVER LOST THE BELT)'

    He lost the belt to Velasquez. In 2010. He hasn't been the champion for over a year and lost (brutally) his final 2 fights.

    'Yes he has a champions clause but if he retires and goes to the WWE in two years'

    Exactly. In over a year, minimum. At which point he could only be marketed as a former UFC champion. NOT undefeated and NOT the current champion. I don't see how this 'screws' the UFC.

    Hardly the ' undefeated champion Lesnar screws the UFC' scenario you erroneously wrote. More like 'Former UFC champion Lesnar (remember him?) signs with WWE after a year illegally hunting moose (and avoiding hospitals)in Canada'.

  12. Can someone PLEASE read the ENTIRE article before commenting and telling me that this article is rubbish? You all are completely missing the point. It is amazing. I have not seen this many thick-headed people in my life. Read it closely! I am not saying that Brock would jump there full time and show up on WWE TV the next day. What I am saying is that Brock would retire the champion (WHO NEVER LOST THE BELT) and then make sporadic WWE appearances, maybe just 1. Yes he has a champions clause but if he retires and goes to the WWE in two years, I don't think anyone could stop him. Not tomorrow, not next month, but at some point. That was the guy's plan and HE SAID IT not me! So read the article carefully, get your head's out of your asses, and loosen up that tight Affliction shirt the next time you call me out for not doing research or writing a baseless article.

    And thanks for stopping by.

  13. '..pro wrestling as the retired champion who never lost..'

    Lesnar had already lost to Mir and Velasquez before the Overeem fight.

    Additionally, the UFC champion clause would have automatically extended Lesnar's contract for a year.

    If he retired as champion, he would be contractually unable to appear for the WWE for a year. During that time, there would be a new heavyweight champion for the vacant title.

    Therefore the entire article is impossible and Brock would not 'screw' the UFC. The WWE would only be able to promote him as the former UFC champ, as it would not be possible for him to appear for them while being the current champion.

    Well researched article there guy.

  14. I sincerely think that no one who watches WWE today even knows who the hell Brock Lesnar is.

    If his music hit there would be complete silence in the arena.

    I hope Vince isn't stupid enough to give the UFC huge money to buyout Lesnar from his contract just to have a non-drawing guy in the fold.

    • i watch wwe and i know brock lesnar and im 14 surprisingly i know a lot about wwf and their attitude era ways i hope they get back to but i dont plan on it cause i think this pg stuff sucks

  15. This Whole article is silly. The UFC is smart with its contracts. The contracts are set up to protect the organization from things like what this article is saying. Im not an expert on UFC contracts but it is easy to see by what happened with Tito, Randy, and Fedor that Brock could not have went to the WWE being recognized as the UFC champion.

    UFC has specific clauses that you cannot compete in outside combat sports or in prof. wrestling, while you are under contract with them.

    Unless you are cut by the UFC they pretty much own you for 12 months even after you have fulfilled your fight fight number. They have the right to match contract offers so they decide if you can leave or not. 12 months is plenty of time time for the UFC to find a new champion.

    If you are a UFC champion there are more special stipulations in your contract. If you have fulfilled your fight obligations and you are recognized as a UFC champion you cannot sign to another combative sport or a professional wrestling match with the permission of the UFC…

    • Your comment is silly. What is different about Tito and Randy is that they wanted to leave and continue fighting. Brock wanted to retire. If you remember, Tito did appear on a TNA Wrestling pay per view during his absence. You guys really need to article more clearly. A) Lesnar said this himself. B) I am not saying that Lesnar is jumping to the WWE full time. Would Dana White try and stop him? Maybe, but how can you stop a guy that is retired from doing whatever he wants as long as he is out of MMA?

      • Yes Tito and Randy were a little different however every situation is different. Tito was a special guest ref not a wrestler btw, not for sure but that could have something to do with it. Or the UFC may have not wanted to match the contract offer. fact is that neither one of us know exactly how tito got away with signing with TNA but im guessing his contract being up had something to do with it. Whats different about Brock is that his contract is not up.

        So how can you stop him you ask? how about with a court order, if it is against his UFC contract. just because he has retired does not mean that his contract is null and void.

        You really need to read the articles links more clearly. they even mention that the UFC could be a road block to him returning to the wwe. They are not even sure of their own information. WHat I am saying is that this article is pretty much unfounded.

        • You really need to get your panties out of a bunch and read what I am saying. All I said is Brock was planning to win the title, retire, and then make some sporadic WWE appearances. I never said that is what was GOING TO HAPPEN. All I said was that was what he wanted to do. I want pizza today. I dont know if I am going to eat it. So stop whining.

    • The article is indeed silly because "jumping to another promotion with the title belt" is something driven out of a pro-wrestling storyline. The title belt is an asset of the company that owns it. It's not like the fighter is a free agent owns the belt so that he can go everywhere he goes with it until he lost it.

      If Lesnar won the championship and retired. The title belt would remain in the UFC, and then they would determine a new champion. A fighter/boxer/wrestler retiring as champion isn't something new.

      Plus, WWE isn't a sport, it's considered a theater or soap opera. It's fiction, They can claim Brock Lesnar is the "MMA Heavyweight Champion" if they want to, because Brock Lesnar would be a character. Brock Lesnar the real guy, the UFC fighter is retired.

  16. Interesting…. According to Jim Ross, Shane McMahon, and HHH, Brock will NOT be returning to the WWE UFC contract or not…

    Apparently the big guy hates flying, is worse on airplanes, and can't tolerate leaving his farm, and family if he doesn't have to…

    Funny how people jump on a story written by someone who clearly has a different view of the ENTIRE situation.

    Lesnar on a radio interview TODAY said: "I wouldn't mind making a few guest appearances, but I'm not interested in the schedule, travel, or WWE"

    Yawn… Now then onto the Non fiction news

    • So let me get this straight. You leave a lengthy comment telling me I am an idiot for commenting on the report about Brock Lesnar coming back and then end your comment with a quote FROM BROCK LESNAR saying he'd be interested in some guest shots.

      Get off my lawn!

  17. You have one source and it's Dave Meltzer. Not really evidence to make a case on but I don't doubt Vince would love everything to play out like that. Also I don't really come here for the journalism.

  18. It certainly is ironic. I honestly hope he doesn't come back to the WWE, and I don't think I'm the only one, as I'm certain that fans haven't forgotten that horrendous match he had with Goldberg at Wrestlemania XX.


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